Weekly Crypto News Roundup - WEEK ENDING 3rd April 2022




This week we will be briefly looking into the following stories from last week:

➡️ EU Parliament Bitcoin Vote

➡️ Satoshi Island

➡️ Rio De Janeiro To Accept Cryptocurrency For Tax payments

➡️ Binance Partner With The Grammy Awards



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Digital Currency Research
Digital Currency Research

Digital Currency Research’s mission is to inspire and educate in the areas of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency. We are enthusiasts and love the potential of both technologies for the growth of the human race.

Digital Currency Research & News
Digital Currency Research & News

Digital Currency Research is on a mission to inspire, inform and educate in the areas of digital assets and blockchain technology. We are a group of enthusiasts,investors, developers, and artists who love the potential of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency for the growth of the human race. Founded in November 2019, We make content across a number of digital mediums. 🎙️ Podcast Available on Spotify 🎥 Videos Available on Youtube https://digitalcurrencyresearch.io

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