TA Master - BTC/ USD 1d, Drained Volumes

By milionarioo | DigiNomic | 4 Nov 2019

The weekend was characterized by a return to flatness in volumes, also caused by false break out in intra-day that stopped and sent away several traders.
The local lows (9k) were not lost, nor new maximums were created.
Soon it will have to happen, since the movements are always less extensive, creating pools of liquidity in their surroundings.

The macro picture, on a daily TF, remains Bullish, as we are pulling back after a violent bullish movement, and for now there is no aggressiveness by sellers.

The scenario that I most likely expect, knowing our Bitcoin, is it to test new lows under 9k, up to  8800 area (high range of the previous lateral movement), which triggers the buyers , immediately absorbed and then a new leg up.

Refutation of the scenario:
- Loss confirmed range high 8800
- Range middle loss 8220

New Bearish scenario: loss range low 7600


Happy crypto trading!

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