Honeyminer Review: Mine Bitcoin Through Any PC. Is It Profitable?

By Teresa1995 | DigiLife | 8 Feb 2021

Introduction To Honeyminer

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining is bigger than ever and gaining more popularity as time goes on. Honeyminer is a mining software that has been around since 2018, which is easy to use and can be set up on any PC or MAC and is a great way to get started. The software will automatically choose the best crypto to mine and will automatically convert to Bitcoin. It will run in the background while your PC is switched on and is a great way to earn passive Bitcoin. The software works by detecting utilizing your PCs or MACs GPUs and CPUs and using them to mine with.
Honeyminer also offers cloud mining contracts through its Honey Hotel section of their business.
Their parent company Stax Digital is based in New Jersey, USA.

Honeyminer software interface

Services Available At Honeyminer

There are two different services available at Honeyminer. The first is to use their software to mine Bitcoin and cryptocurrency through your PC or Macs GPUs and CPUs.
The second way is to do cloud mining through them. Their cloud mining services are called Hotel Honey. Through the Honey Hotel, you can purchase hash power for a desired amount of time through them. After buying the hash power, a selected cryptocurrency will be mined remotely.

honeyminer homepage writing saying: We make it easy for you to mine like a pro, Sign up in a minute, Become an expert miner, Stick with it

How To Register At Honeyminer

To register with Honeyminer is very easy. First, you must click on download via their website to download the honey miner setup file. Once downloaded, you must register by entering your email address, selecting a password, and click on get started. You will then be logged in immediately. Straight away 1000 satoshis will be added to your account as a bonus.
Before you withdraw, you must also add a payout address to your account. Adding a Bitcoin address is quickly done via logging into your account and going to your profile, wallets then clicking on add wallet.

honey miner registration page asking for email address and password



To use their software is entirely free to download and start mining. The fees they charge for software mining is 8% of what you earn for one GPU or only CPU mining and 2.5% for two or more GPUs. There is also a fee when you choose to withdraw. The current fee for any Bitcoin withdrawal you make with them is 0.000515 BTC.
The prices for their cloud mining services called Hotel Honey vary from time to time. At present, the prices for 25 MH/s hash power is $66 for three months and $129 for six months. For 2500 MH/s hash power, the prices are $6270 for three months and $12210 for six months. The only form of payment accepted at the moment is Bitcoin. Mining will start immediately after payment confirmation.

Honeyminer hashpower purchasing page showing 25 MH/s selected for 3 months at a price of $66 and 0.00701612 BTC

How Much Bitcoin Can You Earn Through Honeyminer Software?

How much you earn through mining depends entirely on your PC’s hardware. The better GPUs and CPUs you have will lead to more mining power and more earnings. With your average PC like we use at BRG, you should not expect to earn a lot. You could do quite well from mining if you did, however, have several good GPUs.
The way the software algorithm works is that it will always choose the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine. Since we have been testing the software, the cryptocurrency being mined has always been Monero.

honeyminer earnings breakdown showing: my balance, mining earnings, referral earnings and bonus earnings

Other Features Of The Software

Through the software, you can check the full activity of the software. This will show you how many GPUs and CPUs are active, how much you can expect to earn is satoshis over the next 24 hours, how much over the next month and will always state which cryptocurrency you are currently mining.
You may also check the full transaction history through the software. This will show you all your latest transactions, including the amount and type of cryptocurrency you received, the exact time, and whether it was through mining or a bonus.
You can choose to turn off GPU or CPU mining through software settings whenever you choose to do so.

What Free Bonuses Do Honeyminer Offer?

What is a nice touch to Honeyminer is that they offer a few bonuses which you obtain for free. The first is that they give you 1000 free satoshis just for downloading and registering with their software.
They also give out one satoshi bonuses consistently while the software is running. What we found was that we received a free one satoshi bonus roughly every 15 minutes. Although this amount is not a lot, we appreciate the gesture.

Is Honeyminer Safe?

Honeyminer is safe to install on your PC, and we did not detect any hidden viruses or see any problems that it will cause to your system. However, if you are using your graphic cards elsewhere for gaming, for example, you may want to switch off the GPU mining while you are doing this.
Honeyminer uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and encryption. This is to make sure that information passing through their servers are secure and anonymous.
Another security aspect that they use is to store almost all of their cryptocurrency in offline cold storage. This means that the funds are not available online and, therefore, in a worst-case scenario such as a serious hack, most assets would be safe.
To make your account more secure yourself, they offer the option of two-tier factor security. We always highly recommend doing this as soon as you set up your account.
They are also based in the USA, which adds to safety. The reason being is that if anything went wrong, then it would be easier to make the people in charge accountable.
We feel relatively safe at Honeyminer and have not heard of any security problems to date.

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