CyrptoPay Black Cards

By Can | Dİfferent Articles | 8 Jun 2020

Pre-order card now

You can replace and load your prepaid card with money from your Cryptopay Wallet. Use your card wherever large cards are accepted.


Use the Pay card like a regular plastic card

C. Pay card associates Bitcoin with traditional financing. Perfect for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies and works with any point of sale terminal accepting big cards around the world! Bring crypto to your daily life.



Pre-order for the UK now begins.


Buy bitcoin with your debit card

Cryptopay provides easy access to the cryptocurrency world, allowing users to take full advantage of a secure wallet. Buy bitcoin, litecoin and XRP with your debit or credit card and pay affordable prices and low fees.


Change currencies - save money

Keep Bitcoins securely in your Cryptopay account. Our system makes it easy to convert your cryptos into supported fiat currencies. Use this to protect your money against price fluctuations. With our card, you can pay anywhere in the world in local currency.


Say goodbye to hidden fees

Each cryptocurrency network has its own transaction fee. We charge 1% fee for exchange. That's it - no hidden fees or unfair costs. Take advantage of our instant conversion and let your money go further.


Start buying Bitcoin today! Register as a Cryptopay partner, share your experience with your friends or website audience and earn money every time they join. There is no fee for both parties.

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Dİfferent Articles
Dİfferent Articles

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