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Happiness Amidst the Pandemic

By EnkeDemoiselle | Did you know? | 2 Feb 2021


I know that it is not the right time to be ‘happy’ while there’s a pandemic that we are facing and experiencing now. Thousands of deaths, broken families, ruin livelihoods, loss of hope, cries, pain, and sadness that this pandemic brought in the past few months. There should be nothing to feel happy about.

But for us who live and still surviving, we should. We should be happy that we are still given a chance to wake up in the morning, eat at least three meals a day, and be with our loved ones. However, it’s not just about the bad things that this pandemic brought us.

Among those thousands of deaths, we are taught to appreciate life and value the moments with our loved ones. We are taught that even if you’re one of the richest people in the world, money can’t buy health. We’ve learned that in this life, the only thing that is constant aside from change is death.

Death is something we cannot predict. We don’t know when we will die or when our loved ones die. So, as long we’re still living, we must start appreciating ourselves and the people around us. We must do good not just because we want to be saved, but because if we die people will remember us and talk good at our funeral.

I remember my grandmother’s comment about it, which is ‘Do good things so that many people would come and talk good at your funeral. Do good things so that you will be remembered.’

We’re attending the funeral of one of the known people here in our barangay. He’s a former Barangay Captain, and he died due to an illness. He’s known because of his projects and good advocacies. But then, I wonder why only a few people attended his funeral. I asked my grandmother if the event was private and why only a few are there. But before she could answer me, we heard a group of people talking behind our back about how corrupt the Barangay Captain was. I continued watching them with curiosity as they offered and showed their condolences to the family of the dead and even offered him a small prayer like they weren't just badmouthing him a while ago.

My grandmother then told me that our actions will be reflected in our funeral. Do good things as much as possible. When we are alive, people will remember a single bad thing we did, but remember all of the good things when we die. Do many bad things. When we are alive, people will remember and praise our few good deeds but talk about all of the bad things when we die. That’s how a human’s mind works. I was confused about it before, but now I fully understand what my grandma is talking about. This pandemic helped me realize that.

Aside from deaths, livelihoods and businesses were also ruined, or at least that’s what business-minded people are thinking. People are so engrossed with their businesses and in how to make money. Less sleep and less time with their family is their way of making money. I wonder if their money can buy them warmth and comfort if they get sick. Yes, it can surely buy medicine, but can it take care of you?

Because of this pandemic, quarantine was mobilized. Some businesses were forced to close to prevent the spread of the disease. Businessmen surely are problematic but if they just try to look at the bright side, they would see what were the things they are sacrificing just for business. Their family.

Some families couldn’t even afford three meals a day but they are happy because being with one another, complete and healthy is already enough for them. That’s why we should be happy and celebrate every moment with our loved ones, live our life to the fullest, thank God for the gift of time, family, food, and health, and do not forget to do good things.

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I'm 21 years of age and a normal college student who's doing everything I can to survive and support myself in my own little way.

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