Oral Presentation with a Student

“What’s one thing you can improve on?” I asked.

“Eye contact,” he immediately said.

15 is an awkward age, in which self-centred and self-conscious teenagers like him blatantly refuse to present in front of the class, even if it’s for a graded assessment. But persistence is my middle name. After some coaxing, I managed to get him to present in front of me, myself and I at a godforsaken corner of the classroom. Just because.

“I need you to do this again,” I said plainly.

He squirmed and winced and asked for more time. Which I was more than happy to give because mayhem had descended upon my class. Cue me bellowing at the top of my lungs.

No more distractions. He went to close both the doors of the classroom. He presented again. I saw hints of his left hand moving, as if making hand gestures.

After a promising start, he went back to reading from the script. I made no mention of that but launched into an impassioned pep talk about how he would know about the standard he would need to meet should he present in ITE or polytechnic.

What I didn’t convey to him was that it was heartening to see how he gave a shit about the presentation because I did. And in that 5-10 minutes, we were doing something that really mattered.         

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