Ode To My Son

Parenting is freaking hard work. So hard that I constantly wish people were more honest with their parenting journey rather than just post happy pictures on social media.

But here I am perpetuating the myth that parenting gives you a perpetual grin. That’s because my bicultural kid and I have taken to a mindfulness routine before he nods off to slumberland.

ママ好き❓(Do you love Mama?)
ママ好き。(I love Mama.)

パパ好き❓ (Do you love Papa?)
パパ好き。(I love Papa.)

かいしい好き❓(Do you love yourself?)
かいしい好き。(I love me.)

Even if you don’t understand Japanese, I’m sure you can spot the pattern. So we go on and on, listing all the things he likes. Oh boy, what a long list it is. From vehicles to animals and anime characters to fruits and other foods, his list stretches as long as the Universe.

Sometimes, I will utter an item in an enthusiastic tone. Other times, I will whisper like a mouse. The outcome is often the same. We will both sigh with joy in our voices.

The world is ________________ (insert choice profanity). But to a child, it is infinitely full of amazing and beautiful things.

And my heart is full. 🔥

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