My Reflections on this Dyslexia Course I’m Taking

fbd45360d72cc28e2165e9f54b591818793f0cf8aa3ee57dd555ee072efc7a7a.jpgMy workplace just provided funding for me to attend the Orton-Gillingham Basic Language Course at the Orton-Gillingham Online Academy. It’s not as expensive as the Masters degrees some of you are taking 😛, but it costs USD$595 after all, so I’m anxious to spread my learning far and wide so as to milk all the utility I can from this opportunity. Ya, this is the level of professionalism I bring to the workplace.

Anyway, been reading the course manual. Here are the things I have learnt so far:

1) I didn’t know that dyslexic students also suffer from spatial disorientation (I.e. confusion between north and south). The Science teacher in me was activated. Could this be the reason why some of my students never seem to know how to determine which are the North and South poles of bar magnets?! I have always assumed that they make careless mistakes. But maybe there’s something amiss that I fail to notice.

2) The word ‘dyslexia’ comes from 2 Greek words. This neat bit of trivia appeals to the lexicographer in me!

3) I didn’t know that dyslexia affects one’s ability to communicate verbally. Perhaps I should have known better, given how I witness students put across their ideas in clear, coherent and cohesive sentences, but I have always thought that dyslexia affects someone’s ability to read and write. I now know that his speaking and listening skills are impacted negatively too.

4) English is made up of 44 or 45 phonemes (depending on the dialect). Given that I am reading a definitive manual on how to teach dyslexic students the OG approach, I didn’t expect such flexibility in the accounting of phonemes. But being an avid fan of World Englishes, I applaud this thoughtful consideration. Diversity FTW! Now, my question is which phoneme is conveniently relegated to a non-existence for which dialect.

The son just woke up, so this signifies the end of my OG Reflection Series 1. Hope this benefits some of you teachers and/or linguistic geeks out there!


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