My love affair with ChatGPT

By cryotosensei | diaperfinancingfund | 6 Aug 2023

ChatGPT has dramatically transformed my life, be it personally or professionally.

As a frugal father, I regard it as the paid version of Grammarly that I hesitate to pay for.
As an avid writer, I love how it takes my writing in new directions and elevates it to another level of sophistication. I also relish being investigative and analytical with it - how should I word my prompt precisely so that I get it to create the content that I need? Who knows? Maybe I would change careers to be a prompt engineer.

This is how I have used ChatGPT so far:
- correct my embarrassing errors for my Holistic Development Remarks
- present to the whole school how popular lingo (ELI5, ICYMI, TL;DR) can be utilised to help them get what they want from ChatGPT. Surely low-progress learners will remember such lingo since they are used frequently in our everyday lives
- suggest three vocabulary words/phrases (engage, collaborate, time constraints) to level up my students’ speech after I paste their oral responses transcribed by Google Docs
- come up with word gap exercises to complement each week’s Spelling so that my students can apply words in context
- expand or condense word count and adjust difficulty level to facilitate the setting of comprehension passages that meet Flesch Kincaid readability requirements
- craft a script after I key in my students’ names as well as the roles they’re supposed to role-play

I not only don’t feel threatened by it; I feel invigorated by it. Ironically, it has boosted my confidence. I sometimes reject its more polished suggestions, standing by my original raw writing because I think it HAS CHARACTER.

I also sometimes type prompts into ChatGPT in front of my students because I see it as my responsibility to introduce them to prompt engineering.

What a time to be alive!

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