I Benefitted from Hodlnaut's Season of Giving Campaign

I Benefitted from Hodlnaut's Season of Giving Campaign

In an era where we are inundated with ads from e-commerce websites that exhort us to spend, spend, spend, platforms like Hodlnaut may serve as an ideal Yin to the Yang of retail therapy/revenge spending/conspicuous consumption (pick one that best reflects your attitude towards shopping). Hodlnaut is Super driven and aggressive as it never seems to stop rolling out its referral bonus campaign. One after another, like dominoes that fall perfectly to put a grin on the viewer’s face.  

I mean, I’m not complaining since I’m an obvious beneficiary. And I certainly admire its ambition to take on the traditional giants in the cryptolending space and ease their stranglehold on the market share. But to be honest, the referral bonus campaigns are so prevalent and lucrative that I have come to worry about the sustainability of Hodlnaut. Can it maintain such aggressive marketing tactics in future?   c9fee76a3017358008ecc756cfe126b581e8a6f2a8c7ff26007ea475c802ad55.jpg  

So I combed its Telegram channel for some answers; incidentally, it’s so active that you feel like it’s on steroids.   Apparently, its crypto funds are loaned out to both financial institutions and venture capital-backed DeFi protocols like Compound Finance. It doesn’t disclose the other protocols to safeguard its competitive intelligence. If you are wary of DeFi, you may be assured to learn that only a very small percentage of funds are deposited into DeFi protocols. Again, the exact allocation of digital assets isn’t made known to us because of - let’s say it together - confidentiality. To put your mind at ease, Hodlnaut also collaborates with DeFi protocols that have their source codes audited by independent third parties.  

Yes, you got the subtext right. Since Hodlnaut lends your crypto to DeFi protocols, you might as well source various DeFi platforms like Pancake Swap and Klima and OlympusDAO and deposit your funds directly with them! Last month, I embarked on a journey with Cake DeFi because I wanted to benefit from its FREE $5 worth of DFI lesson package. But Hodlnaut is the platform that kickstarted my crypto journey, so I am unlikely to jump ship entirely.  

Enough talking. Let’s see if Hodlnaut is the Yin you are seeking this holiday season: https://www.hodlnaut.com/.../hodlnaut-season-of-giving...

My referral code: http://hodlnaut.com/join/joAItg9DS

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