How to Post Regularly on Publish0x

How to Post Regularly on Publish0x

I joined Publish0x in late June and have penned 55 blog entries so far. This is my 56th article. This means that I have been posting at least once a day. So how do I become such a prolific writer? I hope my sharing helps those of you who are shy about blogging to cast aside your reservations and post your views.

1) just be you

It’s hard not to feel inadequate when I read super well-researched and well-written articles from some of the users here. I’m new to the crypto world and obviously don’t know many of the things they write about, let alone craft technical analyses and financial commentaries.

At this point in time, I take a deep breath and remind myself that the world has room for all kinds of authors. I may not be that knowledgeable but all the more I should leverage my ignorance and post about things that will help people who are not in the know. 

Guided by the abundance mindset, I try to educate and entertain the readers here from my unique point of view. This is why I don’t shun away from writing articles on why teachers make great crypto investors and the similarities between parenting and investing. Maybe my articles won’t appear on the Popular column but writing is a therapeutic reward in itself.

2) break down blogging into small manageable bits 

Here, I think it’s important not to let perfection be the enemy of the good. As a dedicated writer, I long for uninterrupted stretches of time when I can mull over word choice and dig deep into the recesses of my soul to come out with insightful and hilarious things to say. For better or for worse, real life doesn’t play out that way. Burdened by a full-time job and perpetual parenting, I don’t even have Me time these days. 

So I blog whenever I can. This means that on some nights, I may just draft a title. Yes, just the title. This is to ensure that I work on the article first thing the following day. On other days, I blog on my smartphone while enjoying my breakfast. Well, cracking my brains early in the morning doesn’t seem like the most relaxing thing to do but since I will otherwise mindlessly browse through my social media feed, I don’t mind pushing myself to blog during breakfast at times. 

Since the human mind is attuned to remembering things in a set of three, I like to come up with numbered articles that comprise three main ideas. I guess it isn’t the most romantic and spontaneous way of writing but being so structured means that I am always writing with a plan. This is especially so when I find myself with 15 mins of spare time unexpectedly. What do I do? Blog another paragraph!

3) seek inspiration everywhere

I work as an English teacher and am used to students lamenting that they don’t know what to write. They don’t have anything meaningful to say. Their mind is a complete blank. I completely empathise and understand that writing doesn’t come easily for most of us out there. 

On the other hand, I believe that as long as my mind is receptive, the world is brimming with possibilities in regards to journal ideas. Like, I was doing jigsaw puzzles with my son just now (see thumbnail). A brainwave struck me. Why don’t I write an article on the animals that resemble the hottest cryptocurrencies today? If nothing else, this will serve as great analogies for my boy when I introduce him to crypto later on in life. I think we Gen X peeps can still survive financially without dabbling in crypto but his generation will need to navigate the world of crypto in their everyday life. Thus, my responsibility to teach him. 

I also subscribe to various crypto newsletters from Coinbase and Gemini. They feature the latest crypto news in bite-sized portions. This helps to stimulate my creative juices without taking up too much of my time. 

4) optimize my efforts

Books and YouTube videos are great sources of information. And prior to Publish0x, I already liked posting my book reviews on Instagram and Goodreads. So, sometimes when I post my book review on IG, I will cross-post it on Publish0x. Honestly speaking, it gives me a cheap thrill that my book review kills two birds with one stone: updating my learning and earning crypto.

Crypto giveaway contests are the rage in my country these days, so I will cross-post my entry here on Publish0x. I find that this dulls the sting of failure if it turns out that I don’t win the giveaway contest. Lol.

Wow, a four-point article! I really hope this sharing motivates some of you to post your maiden article here. Please know that you have an interested reader in me. I will be sure to read and tip you if you leave your article link here! 

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