How I Found My Crypto Writing Niche On Publish0x

Oh, I do believe that I have something insightful to say on this topic. After all, my very first article on Publish0x was “How to Explain Bitcoin to a 5-Year-Old”. Actually, I wrote this article mainly for myself. I knew nothing about crypto but wanted to indulge my writing urges, so I figured things out as I went along.

Since Publish0x pays tips, I was under the impression that one had to write academic-sounding and authoritative articles to showcase his expertise, something similar to those thought leadership articles you find on LinkedIn. I also noticed that some crypto companies promote news of their platform here. Of course, I cannot compete with them on this field because of my ignorance. No way could I write about crypto topics so convincingly.

In order to circumvent this problem, I took to writing articles that began with “8 Basic Facts About X”. This way, I would do my due research and write the most useful content articles I could - without the pretense that I was an expert. Another way I went about it was to read books and/or watch YouTube videos and then write the learning points I derived from them.

This is a viable strategy and I still do this sometimes. In fact, the article I wrote after watching one of Benjamin Cowen’s videos was rather well-received here. The thing is, writing a well-researched article took at least one hour, which was time that I could ill afford to spare. I mean, after a long day of teaching and parenting, the last thing I wanted to do was to switch on my laptop and deplete my brainpower further. Also, frivolous  shows on Netflix claimed my attention ferociously. So that was that.

So if posting my learning points about the crypto world was not sustainable, what else could I do? I then thought of using my day job as a source of inspiration. Since I was an English teacher and passionate about using stories to enhance my students’ financial literacy, why don’t I write stories that educate them about various cryptocurrencies? That definitely appealed to my creative nature. I had fun thinking of the personas various cryptocurrencies would adopt. Bitcoin could look big and imposing since he’s the first cryptocurrency of all time while Solana could be an energetic young boy who resembles Sonic the Hedgehog. 

That worked for a while but I had to raise the white flag eventually. I had to admit to myself that even though I was venturing into unchartered territory, I was still spending a lot of time to find out about the characteristics and features of these digital assets. Not only that, I also had to weave in such information creatively into my short stories. It was just not sustainable in the long run.

Along the way, I realised that I could reframe the way I looked at Publish0x. At the core of it all, it was a blogging platform, so I didn’t have to feel compelled about writing thoroughly researched articles. Why don’t I treat it as a diary and pen down all the adventures I embark on for all posterity? 

I must say that I came up with something ingenious, for the writing well within me just surged to full capacity (and beyond). Got a MetaMask Wallet? Blog. Mint my first NFT? Blog. Utilise KuCoin’s Earn program? Blog. I think using Publish0x as a diary made me more receptive to shedding off my inertia and trying out new things. If nothing good comes out of my endeavour, at least I could blog about it. I love writing, so I was gratified that I could finally have so many things to write about, so many stories to share. 

I’m going to end things on an abrupt note because time is running out and I want to nap for 15 minutes before I reach my workplace. Yes, this means that this article is the very FIRST thing I accomplish today. But motivation is another topic I will write about on another day.


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