How Fatherhood Shapes My Relationship With Crypto

How Fatherhood Shapes My Relationship With Crypto

Today's post is dedicated to fellow author lasthero. Yesterday, I wrote about something that had occurred with my son and drew a (tenuous?) link to my affiliate link with a cryptolending platform but he left a comment to say that he could relate to my feelings and included the phrase "father hustle". Now, the term "side hustle" seems to have been ingrained into the everyday grind of us modern-day people, but it was the first time I heard anyone use the phrase "father hustle". It struck a chord with me as I felt that he validated my feelings perfectly.

I don't know about you but I still remember the first time I converted crypto successfully into fiat currency. I recall feeling awed by the entire experience - after all, digital assets don't exist in real life but hey, my bank account did show an increase in value. To be honest, I also felt a little bit uncomfortable. Of course, we were not dabbling with black magic here but it seemed weird to me how something intangible could be transformed into something very real and essential for everyday living.

Which is a long-winded way of me saying that if I weren't a father, I don't think I would have taken the first step and explored crypto in the first place. Yes, I recognize that crypto is a high risk high reward venture but I would have stuck to the more conventional ways of building my wealth.

Being a father enhanced my motivation

But my identity as a father propelled me to push my discomfort aside and dive deeper into the world of crypto. This is because I realized that regardless of whether I liked it or not, my son's world was going to be drastically different from the one I was used to - and I had better keep abreast of all these changes that happen at breakneck speed so that I could adequately prepare him for it. And this included crypto. In fact, as early as 2019, a leading food court chain in my country accepted Bitcoin as one of the payment modes consumers could adopt when they purchased food at one of its outlets. So at the very least, I got to acquire some Bitcoin and learn how to pay for food with it!

Being a father made me see Bitcoin as a tool

Bitcoin is susceptible to market swings undoubtedly, but there is this romantic side of me that wants to acquire one Bitcoin so that I can use it as a contingency plan for my son's higher education plans. Don't worry, I am currently saving up for his college fund in a tried-and-tested high-yield saving account (because I am risk adverse this way). So, should I really manage to acquire one Bitcoin in the next twenty years, this could account for the cost of inflation. One Bitcoin and one high-yield saving account = four year of local college studies, fingers crossed. Or maybe I can accumulate enough funds in this saving account and leave this Bitcoin as a form of inheritance for my boy. It will be a cool form of legacy planning, I reckon.

What is your relationship with crypto? Care to enlighten me in the comments below.


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