From AMPL Accumulation to ETH Lending on KuCoin

From AMPL Accumulation to ETH Lending on KuCoin

There are probably more efficient ways to milk money out of my writing on Publish0x, but I was a greenhorn when I first joined Publish0x, so I have been steadfastly withdrawing my AMPL earnings and converting them to Ethereum on KuCoin. 

So it took me 3 months of consistent hard work to accumulate 0.00567 ETH. But before I got ahead of myself and gave myself a pat on my shoulder, I realised that I had failed to account for the withdrawal fee of 0.005 ETH.

This was when I realised that all my time and effort invested into writing would go towards paying the withdrawal fee. I know I said that I write here on Publish0x primarily to share my thoughts and learn from others' insights, but writing for free has got to hurt me hard.

I pondered about how I could get my way out of this situation. I spent some time exploring the site and found out that if I enabled margin trading, I could proceed to lend my paltry ETH and derive some interest out of it!


With margin trading enabled, I then went on to enable the auto-lend function on my account. I don't mind confessing that my hands were clammy when I clicked on my preferred settings. This was the first time I was "releasing" my hard-earned ETH into the wild. What if something untoward happened and I never got my ETH back?


Oh, I needn't have worried. It has been a week since I indicated my interest to lend ETH but there have been no takers so far. Most likely, this is because the ETH I had to offer is kinda pathetic, so people don't feel enticed to borrow from me. 

I guess I have to keep on trying. Writing articles on Publish0x, getting enough AMPL to convert to ETH, growing my ETH funds into something more substantial. I am quite determined to follow this through: earn enough interest from ETH lending to offset the 0.005 ETH withdrawal fee. Which is why I'm broadcasting my goal here. So that you guys can hold me accountable :)

It has been a failed attempt at ETH lending so far, but I think my skin and stomach have grown tougher nevertheless. I just want someone to borrow my ETH so that I can clock it up as a crypto endeavour I have accomplished!

I recently read that some users convert AMPL tokens to KuCoin or tokens because they are confident about the financial viability of the latter. Are you one of them? Please share with me how I should optimise my AMPL! Thanks in advance.


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