Co-Constructing Knowledge

“Do you know that you have dyslexia?” I told him. “This means that the way you learn must be different from everyone else’s.” He nodded his head.   So, I showed him how ‘got’ resembles a zig-zag ladder. We then discussed objects that could look like ‘knew’. “Bed,” I suggested. “Sofa,” he concluded.   As I drew the outline of ’thought’, he chimed in, “CCTV button.”   “CCTV button?” I repeated, slightly incredulously.   “CCTV button,” he confirmed, moving his finger to demonstrate how it looked like a CCTV button for him.   5ae6a614e87fac15110b7330186474efa8ab2bddfb60f906f0f4b2cb1a980e21.jpg   I dutifully wrote down ’CCTV button’, sensing that perhaps my way of looking at words had been changed irrevocably.

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