8 Basic Facts about Mekas

8 Basic Facts about Mekas

I checked my email this morning to find an enticing mention about MekaVerse from Coinbase Bytes. Why so? Firstly, 8888 original Mekas are generated, which made me wonder if the creators chose the number '8' because it is typically associated with good fortune and prosperity among Chinese people. Secondly, the Mekas are inspired by the Japanese Mecha universes. For the uninitiated, mecha refers to a genre in Japanese manga and anime and revolves around mechanical innovation, including robots and cyborgs. 

Since I'm Chinese and am married to a Japanese lady, suffice it to say that my interest was stimulated. What's more, MekaVerse resembles Gundam, one of Japan's most popular anime figures ever. So I went to find out more about MekaVerse:

1) MekaVerse was initiated by Mattey and Matt B, two freelance graphic and digital artists from Europe. The seed for Mekas was sowed when Mattey and Matt B travelled for about 5 months in Asia, which must have deepened their pre-existing love of Japanese culture.

2) Their artistic background enabled them to design hundreds of visual elements and combine them together to create their first 3D Meka. After they finalised the design of their first Meka, they employed organic automation to randomise these visual elements and come up with a unique aesthetic for each of their 8888 Mekas. They decided to focus on only 8888 Mekas so that the quality of each Meka would not be compromised.

3) They displayed a savviness with social media and digital marketing. Besides announcing the Meka project on Twitter, they also encouraged the public to join their Discord community. Be it Twitter or Discord, followers were encouraged to register for a raffle that would allow them to buy a Mekas for 0.2 ETH (not inclusive of gas fees). The idea of a raffle was intoxicating because who doesn't like to win things through a lucky draw? All the better if this allowed small-time collectors to win a Meka and "gain a lead" over whales. This generated much hype as 172,876 people signed up for the raffle.

4) The Mekas come in 4 main factions: OG Meka, Mirage, F9 or Gādians. Come ogle at them here

5) The raffle was held on October 7, 2021 and made 8593 collectors deliriously happy as 8593 NFTs were sold. (The remaining NFTs will be used for future giveaways and promotions.) Of course, some of these collectors were happy because they could sell the NFTs at a hefty profit - secondary sales were reported to have shot through the roof.

6) The MekaVerse was revealed on October 15, and Twitter is abuzz with people showing off their Meka. Are you one of the lucky ones?

7) The reveal of Mekas should have been met with great success, but unfortunately, fans are now accusing MekaVerse for rigging its own NFT drop, enabling some people to use insider information to get hold of exclusive and rare Mekas. The spotlight is on the MekaVerse team to see how they would respond to these accusations. 

8) Personally, I sure hope that the MekaVerse team was above board in handling their NFT drop. According to their road map, the founders have plans to produce Meka-inspired versions of toys and streetwear. It would have been nice to get hold on some of these toys and fashion items. 

Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels



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