5W Tips For Writers New To Publish0x

5W Tips For Writers New To Publish0x

So you recently got a writer's account at Publish0x. Congratulations. You are probably perplexed about how you should optimize this opportunity to write and earn some crypto for your financial needs. Well, I don't claim to be an expert, but I will love to share with you my experience so that you can gain one or two efficiency hacks and save yourself some grief. 

For the ease of you remembering my experience, I will like to leverage the tried-and-tested 5Ws to detail my experience.

1) Why 

It's crucial that you are very intentional about why you choose to write at Publish0x. Of course, the obvious reason is to earn cryptocurrency. Here, I got to be upfront with you. It's quite difficult to constantly churn out articles that will receive a steady stream of tips at Publish0x. It's also next to impossible to predict which of my articles will gain traction with the readers here. Hence, instead of trying to cater to such external sources of validation, I write here just because I am a fan of the written word. (read: I love my own writing.) 

I'm grateful that people here are kind and supportive of writers generally. When I first started out, I thought I had to pen long and thoughtful thought leadership articles that shed pertinent insights on popular crypto trends before I could receive tips from my readers. But I soon realized that I could blog as a means of recording down key takeaways from a YouTube video or webinar I had attended - and people would still respond favorably. Hence, blogging here enhances my motivation to learn anything and everything about crypto because I could get back some petty crypto in return. 

In short: I see blogging here as a fun hobby instead of a side hustle. Hence, the pressure to accrue targeted amounts of crypto is off. 

2) What

I still consider myself a greenhorn in regards to the crypto world. Hence, my blogging focus lies in finding out more about the main trending cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, ADA). I learn best when I understand more about the colorful personalities of these crypto founders as well as their motivations and passions towards crypto. Hence, I research on influential figures like Charles Hoskinson and Vitalik Buterin. 

Because I want to optimize my crypto-earning opportunity, I recently set myself the goal of blogging twice every day (which is the maximum number of blogs one can post daily). To supplement my crypto blog articles, I started a travel blog called travelinjapan. Moving forward, I intend to blog about all the sensational and amazing places in Japan.

In short: I have two blogs, one on crypto and the other on travel.

3) When

Honestly speaking, I think it can get quite demoralizing when you research on a subject thoroughly for hours, rack your brains to write your article in an interesting way and only receive a few AMPL and iFARM tokens at the end. Hence, even though I cannot control the audience reaction, I can control the amount of time I spend on one article. So, I set myself the time limit of 30-45 minutes, in which I must finish writing my article. In this way, I feel that I am not spending too much time on Publish0x (and am therefore less fixated on the end result).

Recently, I attended a NFT webinar and started writing an article on NFT at the same time. When the webinar ended, so did my writing. It was akin to writing minutes for my meetings at my day job. I found the process quite challenging and exhilarating actually. I was in the flow, engrossed in listening to the presenters' every word and digesting them fast enough to apply them for my article.

In short: I spend at most 45 minutes on writing one article.

4) Where

I mostly blog at night after my toddler son is asleep. I think scheduling time to write helps force my weary side to sit down in front of the laptop to start typing away instead of falling prey to procrastination.

I am not the kind of person who likes to multitask and blog on the go. But I recently used downtime to write an article on my mobile phone. That felt rather good, actually because having to type on my smartphone had a way of focusing my mind so that I could finish blogging soonest and wouldn't inadvertently lose the contents. However, I couldn't add a thumbnail image from my mobile phone, so I had to save it, drag myself to my laptop sometime later and upload a suitable picture. So I think I won't blog on the go all that frequently because I am the sort who likes to finish one task in one go.

In short: I don't leave blogging to chance. I schedule time for blogging at Publish0x.

5) Who

Because I am still not knowledgeable about crypto, I imagine most of my readers to be like me: interested and curious but may not necessarily have the prior knowledge. I also pride myself on being a creative person and wish to offer a unique perspective on topics that have been covered to death by other established writers already. For instance, I wrote a piece about 3 ways Vitalik Buterin's parents employed in their nurturing of their son; I believe that this is an angle that is novel.

In short: I write for novice investors to crypto. For experienced investors, I approach the same old topics in unique and invigorating ways that will engage them. :)

Have fun blogging here. I'm sure you will find your way!

Photo by Ann Nekr from Pexels

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