My experience with harvest finance.

By edexter | Dexter's finance musings | 25 Apr 2021



I recently cashed out of a couple of positions one in arrr and some of the governance tokens for ampl.  With the latter there is no guarantee that they will not do another airdrop to coinbase or kucoin or whatever so withdraw to kucoin and it's like an option.

At first I was planning to farm the dai coin on the binance chain.  I did some research and it appears that you have to change the coins over to binance chain using thier conversion tool.  I looked it up on the internet and tried it and it said I was a U.S. person so they could not do that.  When I tried to go back to the site it came back as insecure.  

There is probably the risk that someone buys the coins on eth and sends them to bnb and looses them.  I read one post that claimed just that.  With what I am seeing I am satisfied with farming on the eth network for 16%.  

I don't have to risk the chain tool being shut down and being stuck on the binance chain at the moment.  Maybe that should be automated into the app.  It cost me $5 to get the eth to the wallet and a $55 pricetag for the attempt at entering farming in eth so it's been a fight to get it going for sure.  I am looking forward to seeing how other people do and I was fascinated by the space token that was getting the high yields but didn't like what the bid ask looked like.  Choppy chart for sure.

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Dexter's finance musings
Dexter's finance musings

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