List of usefull defi links mostly with sign up bonuses.

List of usefull defi links mostly with sign up bonuses.

By edexter | Dexter's finance musings | 16 May 2020

I have been home because be of the coronavirus but even before that I was making my doomsday portfolio go a little further by generating income and collecting the sign up bonuses.  With that in mind this is my current list


The first one on my list doesn't offer a sign up bonus but does pay a dividend on gold and silver.  I was excited to see they have started to accept American customers and will soon have a debit card.

In addition to the $50 bonus they also offer a crypto back card and offer discounted purchases on crypto from time to time.  To get the $50 in mco you have to stake 50 mco.  Currently around $250 to $270.  On the debi card you can get free Spotify at 100 percent crypto back.  The bumped app if it works with the card should get you another 5 percent in Spotify shares.  With greater number of mco staked you can get Netflix and other benefits.  You can also lend out your crypto through the app.  To get the bonus you have to sign up through a link.


Blockfi is another place to lend out your crypto.  To get $15 plus interest on your crypto they require a deposit of $100.



Celcius is yet another popular defi app giving you interest on Bitcoin and other coins.  Thier current bonus gives you $10 for a $200 deposit.



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Dexter's finance musings
Dexter's finance musings

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