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Referral Marketing with Invitation.code

Greetings to all publish0x readers!

If you haven't read my first post about an introduction of myself, you may refer to the link below.


What if there is a platform that consolidates the collections of apps and digital services, and all you have to do is to post a referral link, save your time pitching to your family and friends for the in-app rewards by referring? Look no further as this platform requires no work, except to sign up in the application. There are no complications and are risk-free for you and your friends to enjoy free earnings. You may need patience for rewards to turn in in the long run, this marketing program is running autopilot 24/7. 

Welcome to invitation.code, a website where you can invite friends to click on your referral links, leading to the discovery of trendy apps, deals, and even earn just from using the app. 

I'm not the program ambassador and am not paid by third parties to promote this platform. I'm creating awareness for monetizing through browsed apps.  These are some features that are important and will concern you more.  

Post New

Users can post their referral link. The summary, details, and referral FAQs will be shown on the respective app page. 


This feature allows visitors to receive maximum visibility on your page via reposting your referral link. Take note of the basic version you may only repost once per month. 

Earn Credits

There are various challenges set to earn credits ranging from

  • Posting code
  • Adding a new description of the app not listed by invitation code community
  • Inviting friends
  • Following members
  • Improve product descriptions which help both visitors and members alike browsing the apps 

and more...Let me be honest with you, I have earned a reward of $30 credit by promoting this post :P

You can earn credits to pay for the premium plans. 

Track Performance

It is my third week and on the 16th day. I'm using the basic version to generate views. 


The performance will track based on the number of clicks on the link for my profile and clicks on my respective app. I have a total of 108 code views and 31 profile views by 2th Jan. 



Upgrade Plan

This feature is for users who want to generate more views. With premium plans, your post will be prioritized at the top, gain support for advertising, and additional post limits every month is provided. There are two separate premium plan:

Turbo - US$8 per month 
Supersonic - US$24 per month


My Profile

My profile page is very important whenever you want visitors to browse through the apps you offered. You may customize your page by including adding a bio, description, add google analytics, and embed your social media or personal website link. 

What else is shown in this profile? Below your profile descriptions show card layouts of your published app. The picture I have uploaded below is exclusively for the invitation app. You and I can earn $20 credit. By clicking on the link below, you have access Invitation App to exchange for promo codes. Do use mine:


That's all folks. Adios and have a great day!

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Software Apps/Websites that Earns
Software Apps/Websites that Earns

I will show you some of the collection of apps you can gather for passive income 🤑

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