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Get referrals FAST through social media

To make for lost time I have also decided to write getting a referral post to supplement the apps to earn passive income. This post is a foundation for your marketing and branding online.

Start from the very first step of attracting referrals. Setting a proper image with a great descriptive profile is an important first step for leading people to click on your profile. Many mobile applications allow the user to set content with ease, including routines to what content should be posted.

Below are all the "free" methods to promote your links. For those who would want to expand their business in the area of blockchain technology, affiliate links are important in getting leads as well for the sustainability of any business. 


Facebook has the most number of users to date as compared to many social media. Share interesting content. Facebook live stream and videos. Market your link in Facebook groups. 


A great platform to connect with corporates. You may rephrase contents to post as blog articles. Write content that is innovative, inspirational, and adds value to the community. Relatable content will add curiosity to the audience.


Instagram gets a lot of traffic through searching for keywords or tags. Get relevant tags and useful descriptions to hook followers and do remember to add a referral link to your bio in your profile.

Publish0x and other forums

Like the blog post, I have already written that stays forever (unless this account is disabled, of course), other forums like Reddit and Quora, and depending on what is the group interest, these platforms are hotspots for knowledge, insights, and fun. Write good descriptions in the bio and add your referral link. Help the community by answering questions in their comments and trying as much as possible to be consistent.

What's next?

Marketing itself has given rise to AI and automation with Facebook, GoogleAds, Instagram business, Amazon Advertising, etc.  The world will become more information-connected than ever before.

Before I'm going to end my post, I would like to include a video about YOU. You may not see results within a short period of time, but don't give up. The video is from NasDaily, a content creation organization whose content revolves around people's lives and has attracted a large number of communities through Facebook videos.

Trust me, you can do it!


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Software Apps/Websites that Earns
Software Apps/Websites that Earns

I will show you some of the collection of apps you can gather for passive income 🤑

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