CakeDeFi Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Program with CakeDefi

Hello everyone, it's me Dexter and it's been a while since I posted.

DeFiChain and CakeDeFi

This time, I would like to introduce Cake Defi, a platform that empowers owners to earn cashflows from decentralised finance. Besides products, there is CakeDeFi educational content, and while stock last, you can even earn $5 worth of tokens from taking a quiz from DFI, BTC, and to be confirmed, ETH. Speaking about Defi, the platform does not have its own native token, and in fact, the platform is able to operate its ecosystem using the DFI coin. DFI is the native coin of DeFiChain, a project which brings decentralized finance with its varied range of services from "freezer", lending crypto, and liquidity mining.

Cash flow comes in both cryptos and decentralised assets. Decentralised assets are a unique product that allows owning stocks backed by cryptos. Instead of being traded in NASDAQ from the US market, for example, it is traded in a decentralised exchange (DEX). DefiChain offers tokenize stocks from Google, Apple, TESLA, and so on without going through the broker by implementing a trustless consensus mechanism. In other words, DEX allows self facilitation of the blockchain transactions. 

Features of "freezing"

I'll talk more about the freeze feature in CakeDeFi, it allows "freezing" of your staking and liquidity mining shares. From a list of decentralised assets pair, I'll use dAAPL-DUSD pair for my explanation. The addition of 'd' stands for decentralised AAPL and USD respectively. The owner is able to lend both assets, dAAPL and DUSD, in equal amounts to earn the returns. Depending on the swaps in the decentralised exchange, additional rewards from staking could be earned. 

Check out the calculator here. "Freeze" (lock-up) your allocated funds and get up to 2x the rewards. You will receive 2X the rewards by choosing 120 months, or 1.5X for 60 months.

Base APY for DFI coin is 41.9% at the time of writing. If I have proceeded with "freezing" the DFI coin, there would be an additional return with the pre-existing base APR rewards, earning close to 100% APR. That is times two your invested amount. 

Easter Egg Hunt Program

From 11 to 25 April 2022, there is an Easter egg hunt referral program. Refer a friend and enjoy an extra $10 on top of the current referral payouts. Each successful referral (account verified with a minimum $50 deposit) earns the referrer $20, and the referee $40 (both in DFI). 

Let's take a look at the referral webpage here. If my target goal is 50 referrals, I would earn $20 x 50 = $1000. The gold egg is also mine, which is worth 400 USD in DFI. The stacked eggs bonus is 750 USD. If I were to include an additional 10 USD referral payout, $10 x 50 = $500. 

It would be a total of 2250 USD without considering each specific payout earned from referrals. 


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