Cointiply Halloween Spin to Win (Oct 11th to Oct 31st)

Cointiply Halloween Bonus NOT to be missed (Oct 11th to Oct 31th)

Introduction to Cointiply

Hi Everyone,

Dexter here and I'll would like to present Cointiply, the app that will allow everyone to earn at the comfort of your home and passively as well. To those who are new to this app, it offers various tasks and offers from faucet, mobile game, ptc and many more, which I'll cover in details later. 

A disclaimer I'll make here. I do not represent any sponser or marketer offering financial products or services. I'm here to offer education revolving around free to earn apps and how you can fully utilise them without breaking a sweat. And of course, I'm sharing my affiliate links and do support me by signing up the link below or tip me for the educational content you find useful. What I promote is never a get quick rich scheme and you need to be active with your free time to earn the rewards. 

For newcomers who just signed up for Cointiply, you can also refer to my attached links under resources. You need to learn about how to earn more coins and how chat rain works in addition to my guide as shown below. If you have more time, read the list of articles for additional support too. Whenever I mentioned about coins, it means Cointiply coins. 


Earn passive income with Cointiply

1 USD worth about 10,000 Cointiply coins.

You can earn passively of 5% p.a provided that you have at least 35,000 coins (3.50 USD) in your account. Signing up before acquiring that amount requires just a bit more effort without paying a single cent. Yes! I repeat, the platform does not require a single cent from the very start. It is possible to hit 3.50 USD with ease starting with a zero, with the current Halloween spin and coupled with my strategies provided in this post.

For first timers, you will have to go to "Your Setting" and enable that feature under "Account Settings".


Withdrawal to Wallet

Coins withdrawal is limited to bitcoin, dash, litecoin and dogecoin. 

Bitcoin wallet requires a minimum of 50,000 coins (5 USD) for withdrawal.

Dash, litecoin and dogecoin requires a minimum of 30,000 coins (3 USD) for withdrawal.


Cointiply Halloween Event

  • The Halloween spin event is from Oct 11th to Oct 31st. You will earn massive amount of coins!
  • You can collect all 13 pumpkins with a total of 1,695,760 coins or about 170 USD to be won.
  • 13% Offer Bonus for every survey or game/app offers completed.
  • Huge Rain Pools. Remember to click to qualify for rain pool. More details below.


List of tasks and offers

1) Chat Room and Rain Pool
  • The chat room requires you to start chatting and click to qualify for the rain pool. 
  • The rain pool activates every 30 mins. The more claims (faucet, game offer, ptc) you acquire during that interval, the larger the percentage of shares your rain pool might be.
  • Click to quality for rain pool to earn a very small amount of share. Take note that it is not mandatory to participate in the chat, and make full use of remaining time (less than 30 mins) and repeating to complete claims.
  • Based on one of the past rain pool (because of the ), I have earned 0.0012x57042 = about 68 coins.  
  • Your rain pool share may go down as more people joins the chat. 
  • You can donate coins into the rain pool. Type a message "/rain {amount}". If I want to donate 100 coins to the rain pool, I'll type /rain 100. It does not increase your share though!


2) Faucet
  • You will earn both coin and bonus reward. The more active the claims are, the higher will be the bonus up till 2x. 
  • You can earn an additional 35 coins if the number rolled is a prime number (The prime number reward is higher if the roll is more than 69,999. I need more clarification on this).
  • Stack your roll reward with the loyalty bonus if you claim every single day, up till 100% bonus. 


Assuming I have rolled 18 coins as a reward which includes 1.7x bonus. The number rolled is 50,000 which is within the 1-69,000 tier every single time. The number is a prime number (35coins) and I have rolled every single day and when I hit  at least the 100th day, I have earned an additional 18 coins. Prior to the roll, I have activated the rain bot, and proceed with a claim. Depending on the size of the rain pool, I have earned another 9 coins. 

Hence, in a single roll I earned a total amount of 18+35+18+9 = 80 coins.  

3) Surveys and Offer Walls
  • Coin rewards is minimally 50 coins for partial reward and up till 300,000 coins (worth 30 USD if you are lucky enough to find and complete it).  
  • The topics for the surveys resolves around consumer habits, lifestyle choices, current affairs, etc. The surveys do not require any of your personal info like mobile number and identification number. 
  • If you are lucky, the survey will include what is the research organizations targeted persona. This is very useful information to earn at least a higher partial reward.
  • In the survey, there are questions that will test whether you have read questions before answering. For example, questions will include "Please select slightly disagree".
  • In order to increase your chance of completing surveys for the full reward, do refer to the past 24 hours based on popularity (an example shown below). CPX Research has the highest popularity, so do leverage on that.  The hot offer walls popularity ranking will change everyday.
  • Lookout for 5 stars rating, the highest number of rating, as well as a "hot" icon. This is an indicator of highest possibility of success for survey completion with full reward.
  • Under Featured Offers, you can also install new mobile games and other apps and run them to maximise earnings. 
  • Do refer to the survey guide in the link below for detailed elaboration. In my opinion what is the best survey so far is Theorem Reach, as it allows partial rewards no matter how many disqualification from surveys.  


4) Mutliplier (Only in Desktop)
  • Play the game to find the red or black gems.
  • If you are to find a black gem, you will lose all the amount wagered and you may have to start the round all over again.
  • Multiply the amount you wager for up till 61.5x at level 11. End the round if you are content with the current earnings.
5) Play Online Games (Only in Desktop)
  • A list of indie and classic games ranging from Solitaire, Sudoku, 8 ball, Crossword, etc.
  • For every activity when the bar fills up, you will earn 26 coins. 
6) PTC Ads
  • Watch the ads and at the end of the video you will be rewarded coins.
  • The rewards and time of the ads are arranged in descending order.
  • Take note that your window needs to be active for the ads to run.  
  • You can also promote your affiliate links, projects or your personal websites. Create your PTC ads with at least 12,000 coins (1.2 USD) at 1000 views, 5 seconds PTC duration, selected all countries as default. You can select individual country too. 
7) Your Inventory (Only in Desktop)
  • As you continue to make claims from offers, ptc and faucet, you are earning CointiPoints as you level up. The points or coins can be exchanged for pods (ranging from common to rare) which are used to boost the offer earnings. 
  • Items are split into consumable and equip able items. Consumable lasts within few hours to few days while equip able items last forever.
  • When you look at your profile, you will notice there are 4 slots reserved for equipped items and 8 slots for consumable items. To unlock all 12 available slots, you have to be at least level 71. 
  • You can earn yourself a collection which requires 5 unique specific items. If you were to consume a specific item, it can affect your chance to lock in and receive the collection. Once the collection is received, you can buys pods to collect and form the collection again. More details are also in the cointiply collection guide below.
  • Removing a equipped inventory costs 10 CointiPoints. 

I give an example for the boosts. I have 5% on consumable boost and 5% on equipped item boost, a total of 10% boosts. Therefore if I earned 3000 coins on offer, I receive an additional 300 coins. Not to forget, I did not include the 13% bonus yet.

8) Redeem a Promo Code
  • Follow Cointiply on Twitter for their latest promo code.
  • You could ask for a promo code in the chat room which is not available in Twitter.
  • A eligible code to start off with is INTHELOOP. Usually this type of hidden code will remain until it is finally claimed. 


My strategy for earning

Here comes the important step by step maximum your earnings.


  • Read the guidelines about earning from surveys first for tips. The strategies are very important to maximise your earnings. 
  • It would be good to have multiple mobile devices with the newly installed game app from Cointiply.
  • Use a laptop/desktop for faucet and surveys.
  • Your family and friends should also participate with your affiliate link to earn referral rewards. 

Actions required

1) All mobiles are on standby using Cointiply.

2) Check your profile and equip all equip ables and consumables to fill the slots. Maximise your offer boosts.

3) Set timer to 30 mins. Start the timer after activating the rain pool.

4) Enable chat room and activate rain pool. Spend the remaining time on claims instead.  

5) Roll the faucet on laptop/desktop.

5) All phones go to PlayTime and enable gameplay. Make sure all phones remain active and just leave the screens open.

6) Focus the time solely on surveys now. If you are filtered out go back to the survey screen and try other survey from listed hot offer. 

7) When the hot offers are depleted, try other sources. 

8) When 30 mins up, repeat from step 3 onwards again. 

9) Check your equip ables once a while to replenish and if it is not enough, buy pods with CointiPoints.

10) Do not forget to spin for the 13 pumpkins for your chance of 170 USD. Thank goodness I can press and forget spins...



At last I would like to thank all readers for reading to the very end of my post. 

My referral link is 

and please tip this post and give comments. I would love to provide interesting and useful information to allow others to gain knowledge and earn. 




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