Empty ~ Whole (a poem)
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Empty ~ Whole (a poem)

By michaeljbarry | Devotion to Life | 15 Jan 2020

Empty Empty Empty life of mine.


Fill it with thoughts, fill it with time,


Death lurking near


But not near enough


To feel the clock ticking


To Live Life off the cuff


I beg you have mercy,


Please extend me this chance


To clear out my eyes, so I’ll understand.


That This moment is precious, vicitra as they say


In india or Europe, or the US of A


I pray and I grovel at the proverbial feet


of the Great lord almighty, but I’ve missed the beat


While I sit and I grovel and cry out “oh poor me”


The True divine presence observes this you see


No condemning or pity nor filled with grandiose


But silent and waiting till I look down at the toes


And notice the feet, the proverbial trotters


Are none other than mine, but I’ve gone to such bother


So wishful yet wasteful and weary I’ve been


To walk one thousand miles not to look deep within


Now it seems that this chatter is all but to say


That Life isn’t waiting on games that you play


It’s here, it’s now, infinite ever-lasting


While I’ll pass on quite soon,


Life just nods at the passing


So nod for God’s sake,


Nod for the God’s,


Nod til your weary of iPhones and ear pods


Then when you’re done nodding,


And you’ve just had enough


Then maybe, JUST maybe.





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Over the last 15 years, I've travelled learning new spoken and subtle languages and dipped my proverbial paint brush in the color pallet of the world. Now I am devoted to Mastering the unique language that has been bestowed upon me and me alone.

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Devotion to Life

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