Dream Big and Live Your Dreams

By devkant79 | devkant79 | 20 Aug 2019

Since my childhood, I have heard people say that one should act rather than dream. I myself have never believed in day-dreaming but I strongly believe that unless and until you nurture a dream, you can never move on the path of progress. This leads to the point that dreams can be translated into reality if we become committed enough to put in the best of our efforts towards accomplishing our target and making our dreams come true. Thus there is no denying the fact that one can't reach the summit of success unless and until he works wholeheartedly towards translating his dreams into reality.

The crux of the matter is that dreams are like stepping stones towards success. All you need to have is the faith in your dreams and the zeal to devote yourself wholeheartedly into achieving your aim. However difficult your objective may seem to be, if you believe in your dreams and if you are ready to devote your time and energy coupled with sincere efforts to attain your target, half of your works gets done in the very beginning only and it is like taking a firm and decisive step towards realizing your dream.



You may call it the positive mind-set but optimism is one of the most crucial factors in being successful in life. Being optimistic amidst most adverse circumstances can be your only saving grace. Mostly it is seen that even the most courageous people give in when they find themselves face to face with testing times. If you can hold your nerves when everything seems to have gone wrong around you, the battle is not over for you and you still have a chance of making a powerful comeback. The success comes to those who have the courage to start afresh from a scratch.
Let me illustrate my point with a short story that I heard a lot during my childhood from my parents and teachers. The story obviusly has a powerful message embedded in it.

As per the story, a school going kid found too difficult to learn and memorize the alphabets that he was taught at school. He simply couldn't keep in his mind whatever he studied. The result was that he failed a number of times in the same class. But the good thing was that he wanted to study and was determined to put in his best of efforts to learn but the problem was that all his efforts turned futile. Getting desperate, he decided to put an end to his life by committing suicide. He stood on the corner of a deep well and was about to jump into it, when his eyes fell upon the rope tied at one point of the well. That part of the well was made up of big stones and the rope had over the long period of time created its impression over the stones.



Standing there for quite some time, it dawned upon him that the rope despite being soft had produced a deep impression on the hard stone. He thought that when a rope can leave a permanent mark on an extremely hard stone by rubbing against it over a long period of time, why can't he learn things if he does the same with his subjects. Deriving inspiration from that rope, he let go the thought of committing suicide and returned home with a completely changed mind-set. He devoted his days and nights into studies and later on, surprised everyone by excelling in studies. He outperformed all the students of his class and ended up scoring excellent marks in all the subjects.
The point here is that the boy had a dream and when he tried half-heartedly to make his dreams come true, he failed a number of times but when he devoted himself wholeheartedly into translating his dreams into reality, he succeded.



This is what we must do in our lives. There may be lots of problems, too many diversions and countless distractions but we must overcome all the hurdles by putting in the most sincere efforts and we will surely achieve the pinnacle of success. Problems are not in our lives only. If we look around, we will find lots of people around us who have achieved success by overcoming the hardships and hurdles of life. Some of these people can be role-models for us as when we see someone doing something exceptional in life, we do get inspired to follow the suit.

To cut the long story short, we must derive inspiration from people who have done something exceptional in their lives. These people are also common human beings like us but because of being committed, hardworking and visionary, they became example for others to follow. We must persevere and deliver the best of our efforts to make our dreams come true and we will also taste success in the long run.

Keep working hard to live your dreams !!!!!!

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Hi ! I am Dev Kant.Im a doctorate in English looking forward to work online so that I can give vent to my creative spirit. I am passionate about writing stories, articles, poems and blogs on the subjects that catch my attention.


I am passionate about writing creative write-ups like short stories and motivational pieces. I too love to write travel blogs as I travel a lot. I write upon any random topic that catches my attention.

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