The Time Has Never Been More Right

By Ben | DeversiFi | 29 Jan 2021

We are living through incredible times. #Bitcoin #WallStreet #NotSoRobinHood

And the need for self-custody has NEVER been more apparent with certain traditional exchanges showing their true colours when their chips are down. The time has never been more right. 

The world is slowly waking up to the power and the growing need for a Decentralised Financial ecosystem where you are always in control of what is yours. No one can stop you trading, no one can intervene, and no one can force you to sell assets you own. 

As people steadily shift over to this new paradigm, it’s important you’re aware of the very real perils in your way, and have all the tools needed to overcome them and make the most of your Defi journey. 

Defi is still growing and everything from shocking network-fees ($100s) and mind-boggling transaction times (hours) will cause you inner frustrations while eating into your hard earned profits. It will completely close Defi off for some people. 

We believe Defi should be easy for EVERYONE, not just the rich.  

And this is where DeversiFi comes in. 

DeversiFi is your weapon to defeat these villains. A self-custodial exchange that allows you to preserve control and capitalise on Defi in one place, without crazy fees and wait times. 

It’s your Defi journey, made easy.  

For one, you can access the best BTC prices without giving up custody OR paying painful gas fees using our aggregated WrappedBTC markets which have had a whopping $150m of BTC vol traded today. 

That’s just one thing, but we’ll leave the rest for another time. 

Take a look, and take control 👇 👈


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DeversiFi is the only high-speed decentralised exchange where traders can execute orders of any size directly from the security of their private wallet.


DeversiFi makes DeFi easy. Swap, Invest and Send without paying Ethereum network fees.

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