Why should you use Brave Browser

Why use Brave Browser?


When thinking of which browser to use for your searching and services more and more are turning to Brave. However, when looking at what Brave offers it's clear to see why. 

Arguably the most well-known feature of Brave Browser is its reward system through Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

Users can earn BAT by viewing Brave Ads and through the occasional free token grant. These tokens can then be used to contribute to your favorite content creators on various websites. 

These payments happen monthly and individuals can choose to either keep their BAT on the Brave Browser or withdraw to their personal wallet. 


However, the rewards of BAT are far from the only reason to be using the Brave Browser. Users will be pleasantly surprised by quicker speeds, 3x to 6x faster than Chrome as said by Brave.

Along with this increased speed, Brave uses a staggering 66% less memory than Chrome. This allows for multiple applications and programs to run effortlessly. 

Finally, when used on a mobile device, Brave consumes 33% less battery power than Chrome! That amount of battery savings can add over one hour of life to your device. 

So, feeling like changing to Brave? 

Well just simply search, download, and use the import function to transfer over all of your important bookmarks and information to Brave! 

The link to download brave is included below. 

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