Top Things to Do in Paris, France

Here are the top things to do in Paris, France that you can experience in just one day.

Paris is a city with the most recognizable sightseeing features in the whole world. Either we’re talking about its well known buildings and breathtaking boulevards, the iconic monuments, or those romantic bridges which at one point of every girl’s life, are becoming an object around which all her romantic dreams are revolving, the French capital is definitely one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world.

That’s why, if you ask anyone who’s been there at least once, will tell you that he/she couldn’t get enough of it, and that they hated the day when they had to leave it. That’s why it’s usually recommended to spend a couple of weeks in it, minimum.

However, not everyone has that ‘luxury’ to give themselves such an amount of time chilling out in Paris, and charging their batteries. Unfortunately, more often than not, most people have very limited time, and you might even be surprised to learn how many of them go in Paris for only a single day! If you didn’t know about this info, you might think, “Is it worth it?”, and we’ll answer you straight away – YES IT IS!

Any time spent in the French capital is a worthy experience you’ll remember forever. And, as you could’ve read in the title, that was our initial goal, for writing this article – to give people valuable tips on how to get the most of their single day visit to Paris and make this short experience memorable.

One thing you should always keep in mind whilst walking on the streets of Paris is to do your best not to act like a classic tourist, because this way, you’ll gain a lot more respect from the locals, and people will be nicer to you. Any time you want to ask a stranger on the street something, always greet them first, and make even the slightest effort to learn the few basic French words and phrases.

Also, once you get to Paris, a city that has to offer so much, you ought to have one thing in mind – don’t make plans to see as much as possible, and don’t try (way) too much. Trust us, if you just let the flow take you through the day, you’ll see plenty of more, and you’ll be much more relaxed and happier whilst doing it.

Thus, our suggestion is to begin your day by going at the famous Place de la Concorde in the morning and observe the 360-degree panorama. It’s the best way to get a great look of the greatest landmarks and begin your morning fresh. In a case you wanted to go up on the Eiffel Tower, take a cruise ship on Seine, or visit the Louvre, pre-booking would be the smartest thing to do!

So, after you’ve got the panoramic view of the City of Lights, you could walk towards the Eiffel Tower, and feel the morning glory of one of the world’s most bustling avenues. Once you get there, you just enter the elevator and enjoy everything that follows.

This way you’ll have enough time to get to one of the 17th century’s most grandiose complexes, Hôtel des Invalides, a mesmerizing architectural masterpiece, just about noon, or a few minutes later, where you’ll be able to see and visit Napoleon’s grave.

An hour there, and you’ll be ready to head towards the Place de la Concorde and Louvre, using the metro number 8, that’ll take you directly at one of Paris’ most magnificent squares. Shortly afterwards, you’ll arrive at the famous Louvre, where we suggest to make a time schedule because if you begin stopping at everything beautiful that you see, it’ll take you a week to get out of it!

So, after one hour inside the Louvre, you’ll be ready for a walk to the famous Place Saint Germaine, where you’ll visit the 1500-yr-old Abbey of St. Germain-des-Prés, which is one of the least appreciated sights in Paris, in our humble opinion.

Now, when you’ve got deep into the afternoon hours, you’ll be ready for a lunch on the Seine. But before you do that, you must take metro number 4, exit at Saint Michel, and you’ll end up in front of Notre Dame, the best example of the gothic architecture. And then, after you satisfy your appetite for visual perfection, you could enjoy your lunch along the Seine.

And finally, our suggestion for a perfect ending of your one-day visit to Pariswould be climbing to the top of Montmartre, and end up visiting the mesmerizing Sacré-Cœur. In order to do this, again, you’ll take the metro (and change two buses) but trust us, it’ll be worth the effort. And by the time you’re done seeing everything here, you’ll notice your day’s coming to its end, and you’ll be able to return to your hotel room with a smile on your face, knowing that you’ve spent a great day in Paris!

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