Crypto market crashes........Or Corporate adoption price drop

By derbycuzxrp | CRYPTO Talk XRP | 11 Jan 2022

We have seen a huge drop over the weekend with the market on a whole dropping to prices last seen in August 2020. This should be noted as normal if we look at the history of the price back in 2013 bitcoin started the year at a price of arpund $13 and rose to the then all time high of $1,156.10 before dropping back to $700. So looking at the price dropping now looks like a correction  for November when the price was at a all time high of around $69000. There has been some bad news about the currency and lots of regulation speculation and rumors making the rounds. But that's normal for the cryptosphere and won't break the most hardcore crypto hodlr. It is clear though that the market is reacting to bitcoin price when you look at the charts you will see almost all crypto currencies look the same as bitcoin. The only difference is how little some fall and how big others rise with the boom and bust cycles of bitcoin.

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Major adoption 

With the start of 2022 there has been some interest from big corporate investors. This is no secret as  big business starts looking at a more reliable and effective return than the dollar. The dollar depreciation is at about 99% since the temporary halt on gold back in the 1970`s a halt that became permanent and birthed the disrupting system we now find our selfs in. In short a pyramid scheme of global proportions. This gives the ability to print dollars at will which in return depreciates the price of the dollar. So these companies are now talking about it in this first quarter of the year and they will be happy to see that they can buy into the market at a 5 month old price. This should give them more motivation to invest sooner rather than later. That in return will bring about a price rise requirement. These big investors will need the price to spike to see big returns. Whitch will bring about a fomo buy in from the social investors. In fear of missing the spike.

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In all honesty I personally believe in keeping my holdings staking or farming the coins I have and keeping my focus on gathering as much of my chosen coins as possible. If I can do this at a cheaper price than last month then it will be great. But I am not going to stress out and sell my holdings now all of a sudden. There are many ways to increase your holdings. That's what makes blockchain and crypto so attractive. It is this ability to have complete control over your finances that's making the centralized banking industry worry.

All new tech scares 

The fact that there is such a huge buzz and hype about crypto currencies and what they can do is not unfounded in our history. When Mercedes created the first car the wagon builders and powers that be tried to stop or slow the adoption of the tech. Regulating the industry to the point of a near half in adoption. The reason for this is that the people in the position to loose the most were the most wealthiest and powerful of the time. The same thing happened to the internet and the mobile phone. We are on the bring of major breakthrough and the ones in the position to loose the most like the cetralized banks are the most important people in the world. The banker has always made money from nothing and blockchain takes that power away from them. If there was no friction or pressure on crypto then it would've been a bigger concern. If the price is only moving up and never correcting then it would be another Enron sagga and the whole industry has already been built to fail. But this is not the case as the networks are getting bigger and users are getting more involved. There are a lot of big companies that are scared of loosing huge business. For example cash in transit companies will be null and void in a world solely run on crypto. Governments wont able to be corrupt being forced with smart contracts and the public will easily be able to see what they are using their money on thanks to digital ledgers. If you have any doubt about crypto just take a look at history and make up your own mind on the future. I for one will be putting every expos able cent into crypto as I prepare for the biggest redistribution of wealth in the history of mankind. 


All the views expressed in this article are in my personal opinion. This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor. Please do not make any investment relying on my word alone. Do your own research before investing in anything. 

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