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The crypto community has been waiting for the moment when digital assets would be integrated into the real world payment system. It had been a pipeline dream, so to say because the regulatory moves at the time of inception are still active in some places. The implication is that cryptocurrencies may not be used for fiat/real-world payments except a robust architecture is in place to facilitate that.

It seems the long wait is over because the ONIZ platform is displaying its potentials to cash in on the market opportunity. The model devised by the project was hinged on some real-world systems, including gambling. Through that medium, it hopes to gain traction and become feasible for adoption in reality. That also means the use of its native currency and other supported cryptocurrencies for transactions.


The Tri-Architecture
It is essential to point out that ONIZ has three (3) structures, each with separate functionality. Let's look at them to understand the role they play in ensuring the speedy integration of the platform in the real-world setting.

The ONIZ Token
It is the built-in token/native currency of the ONIZ platform. Aside from being the sole medium of a transaction within the platform, it also doubles as the payment value usable in the broader ONIZ ecosystem.

The ONIZ Fund
The basis of this funding architecture is to help startups in completing their projects. It’s worth noting that many blockchain-based projects have not been able to make it through the crowdfunding stage. That is because their platforms are yet to be completed.

Therefore, the ONIZ Fund platform is there to source funds for startups that show tendencies of being functional after their debut.
Besides, the platform is created in a decentralized open-source manner that allows participants to tender their bids and get the needed funds to launch their projects. Participants can also create additional projects, provided they have the ONIZ token.

Multi-Chain Wallet
The last on the list of ONIZ’s working architectures is the multiple chain wallet system. It is devised as an advanced technology system that allows participants to integrate the token into the real-world use cases. Notable among the daily life and online payment structure is the gambling system.


Gambling on ONIZ
The gambling industry is buoyant. That informs the reason why many decentralized/blockchain-based projects include it in their potential use cases. ONIZ is no exception, but the features are something of interest to you.

The platform already developed an independent Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that oversees the betting system. The overall aim of the AI is to ensure transparency in every bet placed on the platform. It also ensures that players get 80% accuracy on their bets. With that, you are confident of hitting the jackpot. Interestingly, players are optimistic about getting a winning rate of up to 85%.

Multi-Dimensional Payment System
Aside from the gambling use case, you can also use the ONIZ token in other scenarios. Online gaming and E-Banking projects are other areas where you can invest or use your ONIZ token.


The global financial system is continually evolving. Cryptocurrencies, through blockchain, are one of the ways you can join the evolution of the global payment system.
With a platform like ONIZ and the viability of its token, the crypto community can be confident that digital assets would soon gain mainstream adoption.

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