Does and Don’t for A Broken Denture!!

By Satan19 | Dentostory | 31 Aug 2020

Have you ever tried to join the pieces of your broken denture with fire or super glue? A Broken denture/Prosthesis Fracture is one of the most common complications in patients wearing a denture.

A denture is a removable appliance that can replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue, help restore your smile. If a person loses his/ her teeth and surrounding structure, whether from tooth decay, gum disease, or injury, replacing the missing teeth is beneficial for your health and appearance. Especially when someone loses front teeth, denture makes it easier to speak and eat better than you could without teeth. Some people often take dentures for granted.

Most denture bases are predominantly fabricated from acrylic resins. Acrylic resin is relatively prone to fatigue and impact fracture.

broken denture


Some of the Possible Causes of Broken Dentures

  • Wear and tear of the denture over time. Dentures are subjected to many stress cycles of chewing and daily wear. Also, it is put at risk with continuous exposure to varying temperatures of food and beverages, acidic food, and moisture in the mouth.
  • The unfit and unstable denture has a high chance of breakage, as the denture moves around in the mouth.
  • Accidental or incidental breakage of the denture is very common. Dropping dentures either onto the floor or into a sink while cleaning and misplacing dentures may result in the breakage of a denture.

What to do if your denture breaks?


  1. Visit/ make an appointment with the family dentist.
  2. Visit them with each and every broken piece of the denture.


  1. Don’t try to fix the break on your own using fire or super glue. Fixing a broken denture requires knowledge and skill and materials.

If you try to repair the denture on your own and if it is misaligned, you might end up losing the denture as a whole and might need a new set of dentures.


A broken or fractured denture can be fixed and reused only by experts with proper set of knowledge and skills.

Have you ever tried fixing your broken denture? What were the materials you used? How did it go?


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