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Demystifying Crypto
Demystifying Crypto

Demystifying Crypto

For all its claims of "redistributing wealth from the 1% to the 99%" , how crypto works is still a complete mystery to the remaining 97% of us. I started this blog to make sense of crypto from the eyes of an outsider with no experience in tech or finance. Come along for the ride.

[Review] After Playing Axie Infinity for 5 months: Is It Worth It?

3 hours ago 9 minute read 0 comments Sinistra

(Author's note: I wrote this post back in October 27th 2021. Prices will reflect the price of SLP and ETH on that date. As of the date of publishing, prices have changed dramatically.) Back in July 15th, I wrote this post on Publish0x about Axie Infi...

My Experience Diving into the World of Crypto Gaming with Axie Infinity

15 Jul 2021 12 minute read 8 comments Sinistra

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are still considered highly speculative. Please consult a qualified financial advisor before investing in them. This article is not a recommendation by Demystifying Crypto or the writer to invest in cryptocurrencies. As o...

I Hate Crypto and The People Who Talk About It

20 Jun 2021 4 minute read 21 comments Sinistra

I hate crypto and the people who talk about it, because nobody seems to want to discuss the risks involved. Where are the failure stories? Why's everyone talking about going to the moon? How can one Elon Musk tweet send the value of Bitcoin plummetin...

Crypto Is Still Cryptic To The Masses

20 Jun 2021 1 minute read 4 comments Sinistra

As my first blog post on Publish0x, I'd like to introduce myself, the purpose of this blog, and the ethos I will use in achieving it. "Who are you? And why should I care?" I'm Sinistra, and unlike most crypto writers here, I am an average Joe. I didn...