DMT Token Private Sale is LIVE!

Inheritance Protocol

Demetra is the most revolutionary security provider on BSC which is providing a brilliant solution to have a backup wallet or even make a will for your tokens & NFTs, called Inheritance Protocol

For instance, you can designate any wallet address from the same network as your backup wallet, and if you lose access to your wallet by any reasons, you can simply withdraw all your assets from the lost wallet, using your backup wallet through Inheritance Protocol.

DMT Token is the Inheritance Protocol Utility token.

DMT token private sale is live now and you can contribute through this link:

Demetra Private Sale Is LIVE!

You can find all the details about the caps and allocations here:
Or checkout the detailed article on Medium:

Also checkout their website and communities for more info!

Demetra Discord Community!


Contribute now:

Contribute Now!

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Most revolutionary projects ICO
Most revolutionary projects ICO

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