Money Kitty

By CrazyDelver | Delving101 | 15 Jan 2024

I was preparing to write a bad review, this app is thoroughly reminiscent of apps I previously tried that turned out to be a scam.

But this one wasn't!

Although the rate is not as high as they advertise with and even within the app they make promises like "earn € 5,00 within 28 minutes", which are blatantly false promises I have to admit this is the highest rate of earning by playing games I have come across so far.

You simply install and play the games they offer, they offer extra cashback if you actually put money into these games, I have yet to try this option as I am exploring the free options.

I might update later with what happens if you actually try those options, but I'm note sure I'm going to continue exploring this app and/or these games.

At this time the invite link appears to not be working.

Since I had made enough money to spend on a purchase I started toying with the idea to actually spend it on ingame purchases to get the "free cash" the app mentions. But then I noticed I didn't actually receive the free cash I had earned in a challenge. Subsequently I noticed that all the challenges to get significant amounts of money will last way longer than the time you get to finish them.

So I checked the reviews before spending money and I decided I'd rather spend the money I earned on some crypto. Read for yourself.

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Trying mining apps, cloud earning apps and so on, passive earning interests me to supplement the trading I'm doing. Also I want to help people who can't afford to spend money on crypto to find a free way to get into it without getting scammed.


My delving experiences, good and bad.... unfortunately there have been more bad than good, but I hope I can at least help other people out by showing them what not to do.

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