Coinbase, again positive

By CrazyDelver | Delving101 | 9 Feb 2022

It was a long time after I started using other mining apps, trading apps and games that payout crypto before I actively used my coinbase.

It is a trading platform that I would recommend for long-term trading.
Because of the way they show the trading information, for short trades you need highly accurate measurements of the values that refresh every second (or preferably even more often), so you have very little control over when you're buying/selling and aiming for a specific spike in value is very unnerving.

They are user friendly and offer all sorts of resources to keep track of various cryptocurrencies.

They also offer staking on Ethereum but it has not been implemented yet.

Finally they have a crypto learning program that allows you to earn small amounts of crypto just by learning about cryptocurrencies, amounting up to give or take 30 dollars in the first week.

Also they are a platform for payouts from games, publishers and other organisations, those organisations often only require the e-mail address your coinbase is tied to, but sometimes they will ask for a wallet address.

Use this link for 10$ in free Bitcoin: 

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Trying mining apps, cloud earning apps and so on, passive earning interests me to supplement the trading I'm doing. Also I want to help people who can't afford to spend money on crypto to find a free way to get into it without getting scammed.


My delving experiences, good and bad.... unfortunately there have been more bad than good, but I hope I can at least help other people out by showing them what not to do.

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