unisock but EThersock($sox) - lowcap degen alts.

By HIBYEMY | Degen projects | 16 Apr 2021

A few days ago i found this fun little community project called ethersock that's basically the same as unisock but ethersock. this is basically just an wholesome community project.

There won't be a unipool for the first 90 days. there will have a DODO pool that will get automatically created at the end of the crowdpool(
)at the time of writing is 0.12 eth a pair which is actually really really cheap considering how high unisock went, and also with its low supply of 3200. i would say even 1 eth is cheap for it not to mention .12 at the current price.

of the 3200 SOX in Total. 1280 for the 3 days fixed price sale, 1280 for the Liquidity pool ( ETH proceeds from the fixed price sale and 1280 SOX), 320 for the first round of giveaways to infrastructure BUILDER, and 320 for the TEAM.

The $SOX token address is 0x300a902513815028e97fc79e92082ce6a98d3b74, beware of scams other address is not to be trusted!

and also If you have at least 1 SOX in your wallet you can get a special "Etherhino" role and access to one tiny private channel by typing !join.




oh yeah, and time to shill some socks!


disclaimer dyor I'm not responsible for any financial lost!

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Degen projects

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