Ethersock ($sox) coingecko/cmc listing soon, low-cap, 3200 limited supply, high volume, Days old-new project.

By HIBYEMY | Degen projects | 20 Apr 2021

So first of all what is $Sox, Ethersocks have been created to celebrate the launch of Eth2 and the ongoing transition to Proof-of-Stake. in a way similar to unlock. currently, CMC/coingecko listing requests have been submitted and should be listed soonish. currently, the market cap is about 2.24 mil which is a pretty proper low cap high volume with 1 million $ of volume past 2-3 days. it also has a limited supply of 3200 and is largely distributed already. 

Speaking of supply other the 320 sox for the team, and 320 sox to the builders of Ethereum (free advertisement basically). the rest is pretty much all in the dodo pool ( with 90-day liquidity protection. the supply of socks will keep dropping as a result of the redemption of Sox. To put it simply it's a low cap with a burn function, making the remainder socks rarer by the day when they enable redemption which is very soon.

The current price of 0.3313 ETh per sock is the result of a recent correction from 0.5+ eth per sock so I think that right now is a great entry point to enter. you may also argue that oh it has already 10x from presale price of 0.032 eth but if u compare the mcap of sox to that of ethersock it is just 8.59% that of unisock so i think it is reasonable to think something that celebrates eth2 with enough attention, as its largely under the radar of most people will easily pump 1000+% when enough people give it attention and exposure.

links and resources:


where to buy: (remember to enable trading mining)

SOX Token address: 0x300a902513815028e97fc79e92082ce6a98d3b74



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Degen projects

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