Blockchain Visions Pt.1 Sample ©Richard Macatiag Donovan 2021

Blockchain Visions Design Statement of Intent.

By realitymeetsdreams | DeFiSciple | 30 Apr 2021

Blockchain Visions -1st NFTs series by Rechid Monk Designs...realitymeetsdreams

Blockchain Visions ©Richard Macatiag Donovan 2021 Available on

Blockchain Visions. Pt. 1

Artist Statement Of Intent.

Blockchain Visions pays homage and tribute to the creator of and founder of modern day #cryptocurrency, #blockchain #technology and #bitcoin; Master #Satoshi Nakamoto, who is the enigmatic entity behind the new frontier; culture, industry, and society we have before us, this very day. Each piece will come with a Thank you note, password protected downloadable zip containing the original High Resolution printable copy of your NFT, and instructions on how to receive a canvas print of the NFT for a tangible copy in A1 (Maximum size). 
33.3% proceeds of all NFT/art sales via Rechid Monk Designs... realitymeetsdreams will go directly to local charities in Manila and around other parts of The Philippines to assist feeding the Urban Poor who are greatly affected by COVID19 Pandemic Crisis. Personally work closely with several charities and will publicly post the portions of proceeds being used to buy, and distribute food and necessary essential items via @realitymeetsdreams on facebook, instagram and twitter. 
Blockchain Visions Pt. 1

Part 1: *DeFi-Sciple: DeFi *DRO-ORG, 
Style-R Cyborg Ninja Assassin.

A ruthless pre-programmed piece of AI/Humanoid/Robotic abomination, existing stand alone and in cohesion with Cyferians (Alter-Humans who became that way through their pursuit of Cipher perfection chasing the dream of code mastery and maintaining of Cyfer Punk ethos) hell bent on mastering the blockchain and all it's secrets, both guardian of the assets (data nodes and the node network) and facilitator of it's existence. In an alternate parallel universal dimension after the creation of Bitcoin and the inception and first implementation of blockchain tech, Master Satoshi Nakamoto subsequently disappears, leaving the world the cryptocurrency and the necessary networking technology to mine, sell, (give it value through investor purchase and infrastructural ecosystem creation), and move it across the world, this in turn birthed other ecosystems such as Ether...but that's another story.  

Somewhat of a holographic #GhostInTheShell The DeFi DRO-ORG/s seem only apparently existent in the event of security protocol breaches which would jeapordise valuable digital asset caches stored on the blocks in the block chain, like a blockchain guardian. In the future it manifests itself into an actual hardware shell which is forged and created by itself from compilation and design, tapping various open source, public resources stored on the blockchain IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System) The DeFi DRO-ORG is a master of Decentralized Finance, preprogrammed to compute countless possibilities in probability equations based on Profit and Loss ratios and current market values of any cryptocurrency, stock/shares and Foreign Exchange, intertwining the 3 exchanges into a triple helix.

Ok so that would the back story if it were part of a game...

In actuality in both instances this piece represents both the idea and vision behind Bitcoin and blockchain technology and serves as an Artist's Impression or translation in crypto-graphics of how it works from conception to inception to implementation. The 3 pieces stand alone to tell their own stories and combine together to portray "Blockchain Visions.  

The anonymity of the creator/s (as we do not know for sure if there was 1 person or several), the complexity of the problem, the target goal and the intricate computational processes in between.  

This series was commenced on the 22nd of November, 2020 and each file has been revised several times before it got to the final render stage which is not depicted in this screenshot preliminary glimpse of the depth of #GraphicArt & #Design which comprises this piece. A lot of hours have gone into composing this and the other 2 pieces in this series, which will be minted and uploaded as a 3 part set of individual pieces.

These pieces were meticulously crafted almost pixel by pixel, the zoom ration is set to start to pixelate at between 250-300x zoom, with details on certain components on legible and visible at 200x zoom. All three of these pieces were rendered at 750dpi with each project file being compressed down from almost 1Gb in size to between 250-900+Mb's, was unsure of the process and limitations involved with using host sites to mint, and given that my coding skills in Ethereum's #Solidity are not quite at the level to code and mint and host my own NFT's yet, (soon for a side project though they will have to be) upon the launch of new blockchain venture which is a partnership between DeFi-Sciple and realitymeetsdreams multimedia house, that too is another story. Hope you enjoy the first of many digital asset pieces about to grace mintable and the blockchain/s. 

*DeFiSciple is a hybrid word comprising of the acronym for Decentralised FInance + Disciple.
*DRO-ORG is a fusion hybrid part Droid part Cyborg (may contain human parts/remains)

PART 2. The World In The Blockchain Matrix: Inception, Creation, Application.
Blockchain Visions Pt. 2
Master Satoshi Nakamoto left as if a ninja dropping a smokeless grenade on a plain, all encompassing of everything and nothing, just as a monk would talk of meditation in the midst of a gruesome battlefield comparable to the same practice on a tranquil mountain side, cyberspace the epitome of Alpha and Omega with a seamless intertwined helix of living for now and life ever after.

And so was born blockchain/s and the public view, distributed ledger which gives it appeal and discern at the same time. Although the addresses and transactions are all but Hexadecimal code some would still deem this to be somewhat an invasion of privacy, in the event they (the higher powers that be) would need/wish to find you, it is very possible. 

What exactly is a blockchain? And, how does it work? Said everyone’s inner child like being whilst staring into the abyss of Cyberspace and what has become a sub-sphere within, now known as The Cryptoverse. A digital realm offshoot of our digital world. Governed by us, as we build it for the benefit of humanity and planet Earth and the humans on it, a world where all manner of economics and finance lives and exists to be in a triple helix of coexistence, The Stock Market, The Foreign Exchange and The DeFi Ex. (The Decentralized Finance Exchange) which had it not been for Master Satoshi and the advent and inception of Bitcoin, we would not have seen, and it would not have saved the state of Global Economics from collapse on the onset of this the Pandemic Crisis we are currently living in today. Correct the statement if incorrect, for I’m no expert in finance , definitely an enthusiast in both Finance and Socio-Political, Global Economics and judging by the amount of money generated by cryptocurrency this past year, it is clear to see, it is not only here to stay, as the human race, we need it, and those of us deeply immersed within it, will strive to formulate a means of existence that heeds to all manner of laws relating to commerce, finance and rights of individuals, since given that this is a Person 2 Person network, we are all people and we should if not in the physical realm, in this the digital one, strive to maintain a state of equality, security, safety and peace which doesn’t harm or inflict damage to any being, person, or institution in any way. It is as if we have a second chance to change the way we treat each other and our planet from cyberspace. 

A blockchain is a series of nodes which host the same information stored on each “block”, as opposed to the internet which relies on servers that mirror the data and simply bounce data mirrors around the world connecting interconnected servers transmitting file copies, the blockchain houses the exact data, updated at the exact time it changes or evolves when new transactions and blocks are generated and added, which gives added assurance that not only is the data current, the data is also immutable, unable to be changed from the moment of deployment to the blockchain’s distributed ledger system. 

Immutability is the main difference between a blockchain network and the Internet, we who have grown in the Digital Information Age, have come to realise that a lot of information online, can be changed and it can be changed to be falsified. This facet of corruption of data and information is alleviated with use of  blockchains, proof of work, smart contracts and proof of stake. This is a broad and concise summation of how blockchains work. Now to go into slight depth, being an amateur blockchain dApp creator/developer, it has been learned that it is not just transactions that deploy to the blockchain which are immutable, the code used for dApps (decentralized applications) are also immutable, they must be near perfect before deployment, this is the same with dApp games and all dApps deployed to operate and run on the blockchain. This is the difference between a true blockchain network and the internet.

Back to the art...
Cryptocurrency is the future of money or as we’ve been advised through the Bitcoin Whitepaper, will be the future of money. Given that there is a triple helix between all 3 finance sectors, Stock Ex, ForEx, and now DeFi Ex, we are seeing how this is of benefit to the world in which we live, and it paves the way forward not only for our finance sectors, investment bankers, brokers and all involved in that world of Global Economics, it is the way forward for those who embrace the digital realm, immutability means coders, developers and programmers have to make sure their codes are as near perfect as possible, once deployed a smart contract cannot be amended, with finance this is extremely important since if one were to miss a vital variable it could mean the difference between losing millions or transferring millions of actual dollars.

So why should this be depicted and interpreted as an art piece, well since 2008, every; artist, graphic designer, and web developer involved in the cryptospace has attempted and tried to portray their impression in images as to what a blockchain would look like, this is mine.

During the creation of the first series and pieces in November of 2020, this is actually the first but slots in the series as, 2/2 The World In The Blockchain Matrix (WIth reference to the Matrix via use of custom Matrix-esque code which is actually the Bitcoin Whitepaper introduction paragraph; in plain English with parts in Base64 and Hexadecimal and Binary code strings, as an introduction to what's yet to emerge from the crypto-art-world) the idea did occur that this would possibly become part of history of both digital art assets in the form of #NonFungibleTokens and also as point of inspirational reference to other younger and emerging or aspiring Artists, albeit #DigitalArt or #VisualArt, #CreativeExpression on paper, canvas or #otherthings. And if you made it this far, Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy my digital art, as much as I am inspired to create. 

Part 3/3 is Neo-Genisis (The New Beginning) Blockchain Visions Pt. 3


As with all things, which are created, there must be a Genisis/The Beginning, directly referencing the Bible’s first book of The Old Testament, Master Satoshi was not the first to coin this phrase, he was just the first to make it a famous part of network coding, for any data system there must be block zero, which is The Genisis Block, the first building block of the infrastructure to come thereafter.

Cryptocurrency slowly took the world by storm, from the inception of Bitcoin in 2008-2009, it slowly but surely did what it was created to do, which was generate ripples in the oceanography of cyberspace and forge in those ripples it’s own identity and reason for being, which now crash down upon the shorelines of every media outlet and social media platform known to civilised humans.

Let’s take a step back however, and analyse the predecessor to Bitcoin which was Nick Szabo’s Bit Gold circa 1994-1996, (This is actually something an entire 3 verse rhyme to a beat by a Hash Pound producer Big Bucks, written and recorded as The Rechid Monk, one of my oldest friends from childhood, we grew up together as teenagers and young adults, in Brisbane, Australia and now he lives happily married in Europe, where my career was supposed to move to research the blockchain tech implemented in Europe, given Estonia’s capital Talinn is one of the first major cities to implement blockchain tech in everyday society...anyway, perhaps we will mint that phone recording as an NFT for all of you in the cryptoverse.) So why is it that Bit Gold never took to the stage? In a nutshell, well before it’s time, the world was already in the grips of financial crisis, and in the midst of Gulf War upheaval and a serious imbalance of power, with worse looming on the near horizon in the form of global terrorism and 9/11. 

The focus on an introduction of a digital currency or new means of distributing wealth among and between the masses would never have received the attention it did, when Bitcoin was introduced during the time of The Global Financial Crisis, this is the first and most monumental instance that cryptocurrency has been the unseen Super Hero and saved our Ouroboros-like world from eating itself. This is the reason why Centralized institutions side with the proliferation of digital currency, even to the point some Nation’s banks are manifesting a means of digitizing their Nation’s fiat currency into stable coins. This is just the beginning, it is just as with the races and nationalities of the world and their respective currencies, a matter of co-existence. It will take decades to phase out the mistake of printable currency, one need only watch or read Benjamin Franklin’s Money to understand that the creation thereof, is indeed one of the biggest perpetuated mistakes of mankind. 

We create wealth from debt, instead of debt from wealth, in a roundabout way one will read that and think that it makes no sense, however our entire financial system the world over relies on the creation of debt to generate a false sense of wealth, which is really in turn just feeding the debt machine/monster, which is greed. To aspire to attain wealth is natural, and not entirely greedy, we all need money, the 3 key essential necessities to life are; Food, Clothing and Shelter, anyone in any of these 3 industries will never be out of work or theoretically money, for all 3 in this modern day require money to ascertain, everything else outside of these 3 necessities is a luxury. That is not to say that indulgence and excess doesn’t play a role in greed from actual wealth accumulation. However, the greed behind mass corporations (mainly in the financial sector) to lure people into debt, is what turns the cogs in our machines where the rats race wildly, day by day, week by week, month by month per annum, cheque to cheque, just to accrue more debt and feed the monster which we continuously perpetuate...The picture was painted long before NFT’s, cryptospace and even cyberspace, the breaking point, and an inversion occurred, this dear friends is the direct result of that inversion. There are only 2 things we can consciously or subconsciously choose to be or provide; Problems and Solutions. it would be a contradiction in terms to be a Problematic Solution or a Solution-ary Problem. Pick a pill and dive down rabbit hole.

A depiction of #TheGenisisBlock, the first block in the blockchain, it's Matrix code overlay comprises of an important section of the Bitcoin whitepaper and too the hidden message which Master Satoshi embedded into the actual Bitcoin block 0 or BTC Genisis Block among other hidden crypto-graphics and messages to be interpreted by those who understand the symbology used and utilized to convey the overall message.

Links to these first pieces on sale at in at the bottom in bibliography footnotes. Great news and am proud to announce that now have now scored multiple investors from various parts of the world and they believe in my vision, and what I can achieve with both the literature and theories put to practice in combination with the digital art, so very soon I will possibly do a revision of these three pieces first NFTs and leave these where they are, then start an actual store. Since Mark Cuban backs, and I want the attention of the big boys, am sticking with Am also in the process of writing grant applications to help fund dApp projects and will soon offer my services to anyone in cryptospace to help chase financing for dApp projects to better the ecosystems and cryptoverse.

Why will these be rare? I am no Beeple and being an actual practicing visual artist, traditional and street art muralist, my NFTs will be more a focus on quality and visible time spent over quantity, with proliferation being in collaborations with other artists, local celebrities and talents. ;) peace ya'll #InBlockchainWeTrust


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