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By crytophasia | DEFIBOX and EOS DeFi | 11 Sep 2020

Let's take a look at DefiBox and EOS DeFi right now. #defibox #eos #defi   updated 11th September  

DEFIBOX   (25M$ Total Vaue Locked)  Defibox is a one-stop DeFi application.  

DefiBox Swap has a simple interface for swaps and slippage protection, familiar to users of other AMM (Automated Market Makers), such as Bancor and Uniswap.   Unlike Uniswap, DefiBox also shows a "Mining Weight" value, which indicates how much BOX token reward you will receive from performing a swap.   Unlike Ethereum, EOS Network can produce a high number of transactions at low cost.  

BOX is the governance token of BOX DAO, with a supply limited to 10 million. BOX started trading on 28th August 2020. It is produced through mining.   BOX token can be staked for EOS dividends.  

Ways to mine BOX:  

1.Add liquidity to swap pools

2.Perform swaps   Future mining will be voted for by BOX holders, see for updates.  

3.Generate USN   DefiBox supports minting USN stablecoin by locking up EOS, there is currently 10 million USD value of EOS locked in USN.  

4. NDX can be staked in NewDex for BOX rewards. NewDex is the premier EOS exchange and supports DefiBox.   Token Pocket wallet seems to work well with DefiBox.    


Now let's take a look at some of the other EOS DeFi projects.      

DIAMOND   (8M$ TVL)   According to EFi on medium,   "The Diamond Platform ( DP ) will aggregate various DeFi projects on EOS. When users stake, DP will automatically allocated the funds to the targeted DeFi project with the highest revenue."   Deposits HUB, DMD/EOS LP, YFC/EOS LP   Deposit for #DMD yield.  

DEFIS NETWORK   (30M$ TVL)   DeFis Network supports EOS token swaps   Deposit to pools for DFS rewards. DFS can be staked for #DFS rewards.   Some Defis Network pools also yield #YFC these are known as fish ponds:  

CORAL   (7M$ TVL)   DefiBox Foundation released the following statement concerning Coral,   “Coral Finance is independently developed by the community, it has completed multi-signature of contract and open source code. The Defibox Foundation appreciates this. Therefore, after the Coral Finance project contacted Defibox Foundation, we decided to support it.“   Deposit for #CRL yield  

PIZZA   (2.5M$ TVL)   PIZZA is an EOS based DeFi Network, featuring swaps, dex, lending ,stablecoin (USDE) and synthetic assets.   #PIZZA rewards are earned by swap pool deposits, mint USDE and lending.   Swap: (liquidity in $): USDE (20k$), PIZZA (12K$), POOL (12K$), TPT (8K$), DAPP (almost zero).   DEX with EOS pairs (PIZZA, EIDOS, POOL, YAS) and leveraged BTC tokens (BTCUP, BTCDOWN)   Lend:   EOS, USDE, USDT, PIZZA, BTCUP, BTCDOWN, NDX, USN, DFS, TPT, DICE, KEY, EIDOS, AMT, VIG, VIGOR, BOX, IQ, OGX, BG   Voting is from delegating pzPIZZA deposit certificates, obtained by lending PIZZA, pzPIZZA, these are known as PIZZA interest tokens.  

VIGOR   (2.5M$ TVL)   Vigor DAC is a community supporting decentralized lending and stablecoin(VIGOR).   Lending supports EOS, VIG and VIGOR, for #VIG yield.  

BANCOR   (0.5M$ TVL)   The Bancor Protocol is made up of a network of liquidity providers using BNT as the "base token".   LIQUIDITY POOLS:   ZOS, EOS, DAPP, CHEX, IQ, DICE, EMT, MEETONE, HORUS, NUT, EOSDT, PEOS, USDT, SENSE, EPRA…   BANCOR V2 will enable providing of single assets to a liquidity pool and remove the risk of impermanent loss   #BNT tokens can be moved between EOS and ETH chains with Bancor’s cross-chain bridge.  

ptokens   (0.5M$ TVL)   pBTC available on EOS with more tokens planned, also mining pBTC on EOS is now possible, see  

EOS REX   (180M$ TVL)   REX is the in built lending platform of EOS.  

TLOS REX   (2.5 M$ TVL)   DefiBox recently added support for TLOS.      

Metrics for some of these projects are available at  

Article for informative and entertaining purpose, not financial advice. DYOR. Not all EOS DeFis included. Author: Cryptophasia. Excelsior!   Posted originally on discussions and trybe,,  

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DEFIBOX (25M$ Total Vaue Locked) DIAMOND (8M$ TVL) DEFIS NETWORK (30M$ TVL) CORAL (7M$ TVL) PIZZA (2.5M$ TVL) VIGOR (2.5M$ TVL) BANCOR (0.5M$ TVL) ptokens (0.5M$ TVL) EOS REX (180M$ TVL) TLOS REX (2.5 M$ TVL) Metrics for some of these projects are available at

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