Dework is a game changer for DeFi/Web3. Here's why...

If you’ve been around the crypto space for a while, you obviously know that it’s practically impossible to keep up with all the innovation taking place. This is primarily because dapps are being developed in almost every industry you can imagine. To make matters worse, most of these applications are just out for a quick cash grab. That is why it takes a great deal of time and effort before you spot a genuine application. Today I want to talk about one such application and why it has the potential to become a big thing in web3. But before that, a quick outline of our major talking points.

  • Introduction.
  • What is Dework?
  • Dework features.
  • Why Dework is vital for web3
  • Closing thoughts


Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know by now that the web is dominated by companies that provide services at the expense of users' personal data. Many of these companies have a history of selling people’s private data to third parties without their consent. In this regard, a new wave of applications is being developed to cut off reliance on middlemen. This new wave of applications is called web3 apps, most of which run on the ethereum blockchain.

According to Dappradar, the number of dapps (web3 apps) is well over 10,000. Meanwhile, the total value locked (TVL) on these dapps according to Defipulse index stands at $75.3B (at the time of writing). The TVL is a clear indication that people are fed up with centralized systems and are selling their fiat currencies to buy crypto assets. These crypto-assets are in turn being locked up to support the building of decentralized applications (dapps). But there's still a huge problem: those building these dapps need to collaborate to get things done. And that is where Dework comes in

What is dework?

Put simply, dework is a web3 tool for collaboration, networking, credentialing, and bounty hunting. DAO representatives can set up project-related tasks and invite community members to complete them. Payment can be done with any cryptocurrency like USDC,  ETH, etc or using the DAO’s token. These tasks could be developer-related, marketing, design, outreach, tutorials, etc. Meanwhile, web3 job hunters can use Dework to search and complete jobs (bounties) while building an immutable portfolio at the same time.

Dework features.

-For Web3 Projects/DAOs. 

If you are the representative of a Web3 project or DAO, you can get started from Dework’s landing page or get set up directly on the app.

Using the website, you have the option to set up your project directly or import it from Notion/Trello/Github by clicking the appropriate buttons as shown in the image below.


From there, you would have to fill out all the required information about your DAO before you get started. There is a step-by-step walkthrough on Dework docs in case you need help.  No need for duplicating it here.

Setting up in the app.

To get started with your DAO on the app, click on the ”connect” button as shown below. 


Then proceed to fill out the rest of the required info. You can always follow the guide on the docs if you aren’t sure of what to do.

Once your project is completely set up, it's time to get rolling. Here's just a glimpse of what you can do:

  • Invite your community members
  • Create tasks/bounties and attach rewards to each of them.
  • Create roles for various community members based on their competence. For example, who can review tasks, who can create more tasks, etc
  • Even if your DAO doesn’t have a token but intends to have one in the future, you can create tasks and attach points or any arbitrary number to them. When you eventually have a token, you can then distribute it proportionately to those who completed the tasks.
  • You can decide whether to keep your project private or public.
  • And much more. 

For contributors.

To set up your contributor profile on Dework, visit the dework app and click the “connect” button as shown below.


You will then have the option to connect to Discord, Github, Metamask, etc. Dework recommends connecting to discord as this would pull over your profile name and avatar so that you can be easily recognized

Then proceed to fill out the bio section of your Dework profile and also provide links to your  Github, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. Your contributor profile should look like the one below.


Your profile displays the number of tasks you have completed and the amount you have earned by working on Dework. As you can see, I haven't completed any task yet. That is why my earnings are $0. I also haven't filled out the bio section.

Keep in mind that Dework is still a new web3 application. Many more features are going to be added based on community feedback and suggestions. So expect to see a much more robust application in the days ahead.

Why Dework is vital for web3 (huge potential)

A few things that come to mind when determining the potential of a project are, the problem they are solving, the competition, and the team. Dework is solving the issue of decentralized collaboration, credentialing, bounty hunting, etc. right now there is no other web3 application that is addressing these issues in the same manner as Dework; thus they have no direct competitors. Of course, there are going to be competitors as the industry evolves, but Dework has the first-mover advantage.

Regarding the team, I’m not sure of the exact number of team members as this information is not available on their website. But you can contact any of them on their discord server. Their priority seems to be adding new features to Dework and providing support to Defi projects and I can testify that they are doing really well. Dework is just about three months old and there are already hundreds of web3 projects using it for collaboration.

Does Dework have a token? No, but they do plan to have one in the future. A message from their discord channel reads: “we’re working with the legal team to properly set up everything and to make sure it’s compliant with regulations in all geographies''

I believe it’s only a matter of time before almost every web3 project starts talking about Dework as they would be using it in one way or the other. The sheer number of people using collaborative/networking platforms like Trello/LinkedIn is indicative of the future potential of Dework. If you are an investor, I’d suggest you keep an eye on their announcement channel on discord to get notified whenever they launch a token (not financial advice).

Closing thoughts.

Collaboration, networking, and portfolio-building tools that operate on web2  can misuse your private data at any time. It’s refreshing to see that a web3 application has risen to address the issue while providing a similar user experience as its web2 counterparts.

If you have a question or anything to say about Dework, comment below, and let’s talk about it.



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