Best Monitoring and Profitability tools for Decentralised Finance (Defi)

Best Monitoring and Profitability tools for Decentralised Finance (Defi)

By fblauer | Yield Hacking with Defi | 22 Apr 2020


I have written a few articles about my  current investment strategy in my Defi Blog. There is also a very good article written by the folks from Zerion comparing several investments that they made last year. They go into a fair amount of detail, if you want to read it. But here is the summarised chart from the first quarter on 2020:

Defi vs. hodling

The results were actually quite different than the results that they got from last year. In any case, you are going to need some good tools to monitor and track your cryoto assets and Defi investments. There are lots of good tutorials in my previous blog posts. Here is yet another tutorial on defi investing from Defirate, including investing in Synthetix, Uniswap pools, and selling Opyn insurance (which I am going to explore in a future post). 

Portfolio Managers (Balances and quantities)

As a minimum, you will need a portfolio manager to track your digital asset quantities and balances. These won't handle defi revenue and costs, but they are still needed for things that the defi trackers don't support, so that you can get a complete picture of your portfolio. 

  • Cointracking - Allows you to track your digital assets, connect to centralised exchanges to sync transactions, import csv files, calculate gains/losses, generate tax reports etc. 
  • Coincodex - helpful for tracking your portfolio market value, including assets that may not be Defi/Ethereum based
  • Coinlib - Similar to coincodex. Track your non-defi assets and market values
  • Cryptocompare - Similar to the two above
  • Altpocket - This one is also pretty good for tracking your portfolio values (including positions which are outside of defi tools). It also has social trading, so that you can check other people's portfolios see who is performing the best. If you follow someone else, you will see all their trades. You can also discuss strategies in the forum. 

Defi Monitoring (Track revenue and balances)

  • - Defisnap and Zap projects have recently merged. The new product has some great information, and they will be adding ROI data soon. The invest tab allows you to deposit to multiple liquidity pools, and also several tokens. It also lists the pool info by liquidity to transaction volume, Just sort it by this column to see the best pools to deposit into. 


  • Debank - another interesting monitoring tools similar to defisnap, but also has a few more things like current interest rates, and some summary analytics
  • Mydefi - They have combined forces with Zerion - see below
  • Synthetix Mintr - Everything you need related to your synthetix staking and synths. I wrote a more in-depth article about synthetix here. 
  • SNX tools - Everything about Synthetix

Return on Investment (profitability tools - Revenue, balances and cost)

These are the tools that I find most helpful. You may have to use more than 1 tool to get all the information that you need, depending on what services you use. But they are adding new information and services all the time. 

  •  Zerion They are certainly one of the leaders in this space. There are lots of tutorials showing the different tabs, and what they do. It is very helpful for calculating profitability of Uniswap pools. 


  • - This is the best one for ROI on yieldfarming investments. Don't be put off by the spartan text based UI. It is the most important tool, if you are using doing Defi/yield farming. All of the key pools are hyperlinked. If you click on any of the 9 pools listed, it will show you the full APR calculation, your pool amount and share, and rewards. Credit to Weeb McGee for developing (you can follow him on twitter)


  • - Good ROI info about different Defi services, and more are being added. There is a trial version and a small yearly charge to use it.



From the main screen, you can chose the pool, and then click on the profit button. I have written quite a bit more about the liquidity pools for stablecoins in previous blog posts. 


You can get information about the profitability of the various Unipools, and also your own account


Analytics (historical data, market values, deciding what to buy/sell)


I wanted to share some of the tools that I use for tracking my Defi assets and positions. I have found them to be very useful to monitor, calculate ROI and also make decisions on what to invest in. If you know of any others that you find really helpful, I would like to hear about them, particularly ones that take into account your costs. There are a lot more that keep track of your revenue and balances. 



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Yield Hacking with Defi
Yield Hacking with Defi

This is a blog about the intersection between crypto currency and finance. I have been testing and evaluating various defi (decentralised finance) and opfi (open finance) projects. This includes lending and borrowing markets, decentralised exchanges, automated market making, smart contract wallets, and tools for measuring and monitoring return on investment. All enabled by blockchain technology, with decentralised, opensource and audited smart contracts. These systems are interoperable and composable.

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