Bitcoin New Treasury Asset. Say goodbye to 30,000s

By georgia86 | DeFi Off-Ethereum Guides | 25 Jan 2021


Marathon Patents Adds $150 million BTC

  • The North American mining company has purchased $150 million in BTC
  • This is almost 500 BTC
  • The price averaged around $31,100
  • This is the first foray into purchasing Bitcoin
  • Marathon made the biggest order ever to Bitmain for ASIC mining machines
  • They say they may become largest single miner in the united states

But the real big news as that Marathon is traded on the NASDAQ

  • This is yet another big wall street company jumping on the BTC band wagon
  • They do this for a living and they bought the dip, really suggesting these prices will hold long term
  • MARA on NASDAQ jumped almost 900% last year

Happy Bitcoining!


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DeFi Off-Ethereum Guides
DeFi Off-Ethereum Guides

I offer guides, tips, and tricks on how to use DeFi applications that are not on the Ethereum network. Oh yes, Tron (TRX), Tezos (XTZ), and Binance Coin (BNB) all have decentralized exchanges and yield farming. Join me on this adventure, then, won't you?

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