5 Altcoin Picks for Altseason Altseason to the tune of The Bee Gee's Night Fever Night Fever

With Bitcoin pumping there is only one thing degen speculators want to do, and that is stack some sats by pumping some alts. I think we have to admit that most small cap alts that get pumped are done though some kind of sponsored manipulator or something, and get dumped. So you want to stick to the top 40-50 to play it a little safe. But having a small cap moonshot is always fun.

I'm not a financial advisor, this is not financial advise. That's what they say.

So Stuff your bags before the #altseason train rides away

1) Ethereum

Still half of its ATH. Over a billion locked in the contract. Relatively little institutional interest, and you know they will get interested. Once they feel like it is too late even to FOMO into BTC, they'll be looking at their ETH. Stuff them bags boys and girls. It is a pretty safe bet.

2) Tron

Does it make sense? No. There have been plenty of criticisms of the Ether-wannabe, but let's face it, it pumps with everything else.

3) ZEC

Supported in the US by major on-ramps but also a privacy coin (and, might I add, at a relative discount) this one rarely pumps as much as the rest. Now it is not as strongly private as Monero, but hey, so what.


The thing is, with XRP being labeled a security and whatnot, and regulated institutions getting interested in Bitcoin, there are people out there who want to hide their wealth away. And this one is hard to trace. Laundering it is actually a challenge, and I would not reccommend anyone break the law. But there are people who are going to go to this for privacy above all else.

5) Algorand

Still undervalued for the team and plan they have, ALGO is going to get more attention as a strong project that is still a little bit hidden. It's far from ATHs and people will spare sats may invest.



Nano has some cool tech. Some say it is not as secure as others, perhaps, but it is nearly instant, the blockchain, which sorta shards, makes fees nearly free. It can easily be adapted to enterprises. Free and fast you say? Why isn't it worth more.

Because the hype is gone

But maybe not for long?

Don't risk any money you can't afford to lose.

Most importantly, don't stress yourself when making these decisions. No amount of satoshis can bring the feeling of love and happiness that people and kindness can. Seriously. Don't forget about that stuff. Call your mom.



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