The dangers of sitting

By DeFi Girl | defi_girl | 31 Aug 2020

Since technology has taken over, an inactive lifestyle has become common leading to most of the time of a person sitting be it for work or entertainment. The advent of personal computers and phones has further aggravated this problem, thereby promoting a lethargic lifestyle. Prolonged sitting can lead to changes that are dangerous for the body. It deteriorates the health risking the body with obesity, depression and anxiety, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, diabetes, and deep-vein thrombosis.


Over 3 million deaths are reported each year due to physical inactivity. Chances of developing diabetes increases as relaxed muscles take up less glucose from the blood. Sitting continuously without any break leads to the build-up of fats and cholesterol that causes decreased circulation which, accounts for gaining weight and compromised circulatory system. If you are habitual of sitting more your bowel movements get reduced, reducing metabolism that can cause indigestion.


 Moreover, it decreases energy levels and productivity, elevates anxiety, stress rate, and affects your mood. It affects the large muscles making them weak, which makes it difficult to stand and walk properly. Poor posture, stiff joints, osteoporosis, and body pain are some other dangers of prolonged sitting. It also reduces blood circulation, which diminishes brainpower that can cause reduced concentration levels. To avoid above mentioned dangers, you should do more physical activity like exercise, perform indoor activities, thereby, reducing sedentary lifestyle.

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