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By Dayve___ | DeFi-ed | 1 Nov 2021

It was yet another event filled months for Plutos Network as we saw all forms of growth across the space Technical Development Updates to Ecology Development and Marketing and PR partnership.

Some key Monthly Highlights to note are:

Plutos Network Synthetic System V1.0 is officially launches on Ethereum Mainnet:

Users can now Stake, Mint, Farm and earn with Plutos. V2.0 will be launched by 10th Nov, with more features and user incentives.

Plutos Network’s all new NovelSwap DEX on the Public Mint and Kucoin Community:

Plutos Network announced that they will be launching NovelSwap on the Public Mint. Highly secure, low cost, and easy to use. Built on @PublicMint and Kucoin KCC, with the view to expand to BSC, Polygon and Ethereum.

Plutos Network to integrate Avalanche in their multi-chain architecture in Q4:

Plutos Network will integrate Avalanche in Q4 this year. As part of our endeavour to truly build a Plutos Network synthetic platform with outstanding scalability and interoperability functionalities.

“We now decide to integrate Avalanche not only because of Avax’s outstanding technical features to boost up our whole system, but also we strongly believe that this integration will open up a new window for user acquisition and growth.”

Juan Capilla, CEO Plutos Network

First CEX listing on MEXC: with constant aim for all kind of investors Plutos Network bring more accessibility on how to own $PLUT.More CEX listings will follow up in Q4.

Second Buy-back of another 0.5M PLUT tokens:

As promised, Plutos will perform PLUT buy-backs on regular basis, which are to keep the circulating supply of PLUT tokens in a healthy level, adding solid value support to PLUT and showcasing the sustainable economic model of Plutos Network as a #DeFi Synthetic Hub.

More funds will follow after main-net launch this month, as part of the business revenue will also be put into PLUT Buy-backs!

Track here :

User dashboard:

We are excited to launch our User Dashboard where users who staked in any of our previous staking products can check their staking info and analytics in real time! When users connect their wallets used in Plutos staking they will be able to see the real-time data and info including TLV, Maturity Time, Staked amount etc. This is made for our users who staked PLUT tokens to better manage their stakings.

Visit: and try it out.

PlutButton Game:

While we await for the incoming pipeline of exciting deliveries, please be assured that we do have a highly busy calendar coming ahead. In the meantime, let’s have fun and play PlutButton, a new feature that we now introduce to our community for more than just fun!

Visit and play!

Liquidity Reward Program open:✅

More Info: medium


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