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By Cosmonauta | DeFi Degen | 10 Feb 2022

Spiritswap, Fantom Network & Beefy Finance


This strategy is quite fresh but you better get quick since you only have 1 week left for boosting your rewards' reward 😉 Otherwise you have almost a month to boost your $SPIRIT - $binSPIRIT LP, which is daily % 0.5 : so how?


1. Swap your coins to SPIRIT & binSPIRIT @ SPIRITSWAP https://swap.spiritswap.finance/#/exchange/swap/FTM/SPIRIT

2. Then supply your coins to liquidity on SPIRITSWAP SPIRIT - binSPIRIT LP


3. Deposit your LP tokens to Beefy.Finance pool https://app.beefy.finance/#/fantom/vault/spirit-binspirit-spirit

4. Boost your $mooSpiritBinSPIRIT-SPIRIT tokens to earn $mooBinSPIRIT

5. You can boost your $mooBinSPIRIT tokens to earn $mooFantomBIFI


this infographic would explain better, and show MAI strategy by depositing moo tokens.

Spiritswap, Fantom Network & Beefy Finance

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