Now on CoinMarketCap, UNIFI DeFi!
UNIFI DeFi now listed on CoinMarketCap!

Now on CoinMarketCap, UNIFI DeFi!

By Deficat | DeFi Cat | 24 Sep 2020

After our awesome community waited incredibly patiently, and so much hard work behind the scenes of UNIFI DeFi and CMC, UNIFI DeFi is proud to announce a glittering and cool new listing on CoinMarketCap!

UNIFI DeFi now listed on CoinMarketCap!

After finally nailing a CoinGecko listing, the next most asked questions in the Telegram group chat: “Are you on CMC?”

Today, we are proud to finally say yes! The API has been updated and fully reflects the accurate price of UNIFI DeFi.

We’ve been working hard with the CMC team to solve a few issues with listing and API, supplying the correct price reflected to investors and all the techy bits and pieces they require for any added listing on their site, and today we’re finally there, what a week huh!

This marks a great next milestone, after an already incredible week for UNIFI DeFi – we know just how many of you use CoinMarketCap to keep track of market activity within your wallets, so starting today, you’ll be able to directly track all the ups (hopefully loads and loads) and the downs (hopefully none) of UNIFI DeFi. Our snazzy, sleek logo is also attached to it, so you really know you’re looking at the right UNIFI DeFi and not an imitation or copycat.

What’s particularly awesome about a CoinMarketCap listing, other than being awesomely convenient alongside CoinGecko and handy for anyone who tracks crypto, is that many other websites and trackers use data provided by CMC to update crypto movements. This should iron out a few graph bugs you may have seen in wallets or other monitoring websites, as it did with CG. If you spot an issue, don’t hesitate to let us know in our Telegram!

So what are you waiting for? Get on our CoinMarketCap listing now HERE, add it to your portfolio.

Thank you to our Unifamily for joining us on this continued awesome ride – it’s been an awesome week so far, with staking and an updated detailed Whitepaper still to come! 🥳

Stay tuned on our Telegram page, website, and this Medium page for new major updates *really* soon. We think you’ll like what we have to share coming up…

UNIFI DeFi Uniswap link:

Contract address: 0x0eF3b2024ae079e6dBC2b37435cE30d2731F0101

Etherscan link:



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