BRACE YOURSELF! UNIFI DeFi Staking is Coming
UNIFI DeFi Staking

BRACE YOURSELF! UNIFI DeFi Staking is Coming

By Deficat | DeFi Cat | 28 Sep 2020

UNIFI DeFi is excited to finally announce all the details you need about our upcoming staking launch. With just days to go, learn all there is to learn about staking with UNIFI DeFi.

UNIFI DeFi Staking

Hey UNIFamily!

Within the next few days we’ll be launching UNIFI DeFi’s Staking portal, allowing you to stake all your hard-earned UNIFI DeFi tokens and earn incredible rewards. But before we hit the big red button, we wanted to hand over some useful information on the structure, rewards and requirements of UNIFI DeFi Staking.

When is it launching? This coming Tuesday, 29 September 2020, at 18.00 UTC (6pm UTC).

This will be directly after our AMA with Ferrum Network, starting at 16.00 UTC (4pm UTC).

Told you it was close!

We hope you enjoy reading and learning!

General Overview

UNIFI DeFi Staking is fairly similar to a typical savings account – it offers constant time-based returns based on staking time. In other words, the longer you stake, the higher the rewards. That may seem basic, but UNIFI DeFi Staking is unique in many, many cool little (and big) ways.

To get it out right away – the minimum staking requirement is 1000 (one thousand) UNIFI DeFi tokens.

Firstly, staking UNIFI DeFi is pool based. Meaning it is a group activity with multiple contributors for each staking contract.

Second, it is flexible. Meaning you have the option to withdraw early, stake until full maturity, or withdraw somewhere inbetween. But be warned: leaving early comes at a cost.

Finally, it is strategic. Meaning if you stake until full maturity, and others in your pool withdraw early, you will receive a portion of their rewards. That’s why it pays to stick it out!

There will be 3 staking pools: Gold (our shortest duration), Platinum (a medium duration) and Diamond (UNIFI DeFi’s longest duration of staking). The terms of each staking pool (rewards, lengths, minimum contribution, etc.) are detailed below.

We will publish a full “how-to stake your UNIFI DeFi” guide after the launch of UNIFI DeFi staking, but overall it is incredibly simple to grasp. Just connect your ERC-20 wallet to the contract, deposit your UNIFI DeFi tokens into the pool, stake until you wish to withdraw, and then withdraw to have your initial stake and rewards sent back to your wallet. Easy!

Requirements for Staking

Here are some of the requirements to be aware of:

Metamask: UNIFI DeFi Staking requires the ERC-20 wallet extension Metamask, which will automatically link to our staking contracts. This is the wallet you will contribute from and where rewards will be distributed to at the point of withdrawal.

For assistance on setting up a Metamask, please contact a member of the UNIFI DeFi team or the Metamask team directly.

1000 UNIFI DeFi Minimum: to stay consistent with Social Mining, the minimum amount to stake is 1000 UNIFI DeFi tokens.

Keywords and Unique Features

UNIFI DeFi Staking has some unique features such as early withdrawal, forfeited/redistributed rewards, and additional rewards for full maturity.

Limited Time to Contribute:

Once the staking pools are opened, you will be given a limited amount of time to contribute. After the time expires OR the contract is full, contributions will close, forever! A progress bar will show how much the contract has been filled at any given time.

This is what the progress bar should look like with staking UNIFI DeFi

This is what the progress bar should look like with staking UNIFI DeFi.

Full Maturity:

Stake until the point of full maturity to receive the absolute maximum rewards. Maturity will have a date and time assigned, at which time full rewards will become available for your withdrawal, so you will know exactly when you can withdraw to receive the maximum rewards.

In addition, if you stake until full maturity, you will likely receive additional rewards from those who withdrew early. Bonus!

Early Withdrawal:

UNIFI DeFi Staking offers an early withdrawal option for flexibility. Early withdrawals will have a date and time assigned, so you will know exactly when you can withdraw early.

Although rewards are lower for early withdrawal, they increase linearly every day – past the early withdrawal date right up until full maturity.

In other words, if you withdraw after the early withdraw date and closer to full maturity, rewards will be higher, but still less than full maturity.

Forfeited and Redistributed Rewards:

UNIFI DeFi Staking pools are like a pie (or cake, if you have a sweeter tooth…). The project will place a predetermined amount UNIFI DeFi tokens into each pool prior to launch and this number will not change. If stakers leave early, the pie (or really yummy cake) does not shrink, they’ll just receive less, while the proportions of the remaining stakers will increase.

Therefore, the longest stakers will earn more than just the maximum APR, they will also earn a share of rewards left behind by those who stopped staking.

In this sense, UNIFI DeFi Staking offers an element of strategy, suspense and gamification.

The Staking Pools:

There will be three staking pools: Gold (short), Platinum (medium) and Diamond (long), each with different terms.

Gold Pool

Gold Pool size: 750,000 UNIFI DeFi

Full maturity: 90 days

Mandatory lock: 30 days

Early withdrawal: Earn 25% of rewards, with 75% of rewards forfeited to bonus pool

15% annualized at full maturity

Gold Pool size: 750,000 UNIFI DeFi

Platinum Pool

Platinum Pool size: 750,000 UNIFI DeFi

Full maturity: 180 days

Mandatory lock: 60 days

Early withdrawal: Earn 25% of rewards, with 75% of rewards forfeited to bonus pool

35% annualized at full maturity

Platinum Pool size: 750,000 UNIFI DeFi

Diamond Pool

Diamond Pool size: 500,000 UNIFI DeFi

Full maturity: 365 days

Mandatory lock: 90 days

Early withdrawal: Earn 25% of rewards, with 75% of rewards forfeited to bonus pool

85% annualized at full maturity

Diamond Pool size: 500,000 UNIFI DeFi

What’s Next?

Next we will release the actual UNIFI DeFi Staking website. We will also release a step-by-step guide explaining how to stake.

Then we will open up the staking pools for contribution!

Ferrum Network AMA

Ferrum Network AMA UNIFI

Just before staking goes live this Tuesday, we’ll be partaking in an exciting, educational AMA with the great folk at Ferrum Network. As with all our AMAs, we’ll make this engaging, fun and informative, with the added bonus that straight after our AMA – at 6pm UTC – staking will launch live for everyone!

Thank You

We want to give a special thanks to our incredible members, supporters, investors, and for everyone who has shown tremendous patience and support throughout this process.

We look forward to officially launching UNIFI DeFi staking in the coming days!

We’re still at the beginning our our journey to revolutionizing the DeFi and crypto market forever and we’re so stoked to have you all here with us on this wonderful journey.

You guys are the best.

Get stuck in with our new website at:

As always with UNIFI DeFi, there’s much more news coming soon! Keep an eye out on the official UNIFI DeFi Telegram HERE for more, including big announcements and community discussions. There’s a lot coming up!

UNIFI DeFi website:

UNIFI DeFi Uniswap link:

Contract address: 0x0eF3b2024ae079e6dBC2b37435cE30d2731F0101

Etherscan link:

The team at UNIFI DeFi has also provided a 1-year liquidity lock, proof of which is available HERE and HERE (unicrypt analysis).

Like the tide rising, we are inevitable.

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