Whale Wallet Analysis - Ampleforth

Whale Wallet Analysis - Ampleforth

By D3F1 | DeFi Box | 8 Jul 2020

Ampleforth has been on a fantastic run over the course of Q2 2020 mainly amid its newly introduced Geyser Program, which allows users to earn AMPL by providing liquidity to the Uniswap V2 protocol. 

I started to wonder what other types of tokens AMPL whales are holding. My focus was mostly on other projects that are part of the emerging defi. 

Ampleforth’s rich list is accessible on the Etherscan page for anyone to see. It shows a full list of the wallets sorted by the largest amount of AMPL tokens held. 


Obviously, Ampleforth’s official wallets are topping the list together with the exchanges, so I’m not counting these.

Following is the list of hand-picked AMPL whales that I found - I hope you find it interesting;


#1 Whale 

Rich List: (NOT PRESENT)
Wallet Address: link
AMPL Holdings: 5.6K/ $11.4K USD <<< IN WALLET

Other notable DeFi Holdings: 

- 3.4B $cDAI: ~ $71M USD - Started to lend Dai in early July 2020.
- 1.1B $cUSDC: ~ $24M USD - Started to lend USDC on Compound in late June 2020.
- 1.7M $cETH: ~ $8.67M USD - Started to lend ETH on Compound in early June 2020.
- 2.2M $SXP: ~ $1.2M USD - Invested early July 2020.
- 48M $cBAT: ~ $258K USD - Started to lend BAT on Compound in late June 2020.
- 87 $ETH: ~ $21K USD

Whale #1 holds a huge stack of different cryptocurrencies that exceed $100 million in assets. He recently started to lend out a substantial sum of his cryptocurrency on Compound Finance and is earning interest from doing so. On top of this, the majority of his AMPL holdings are in a liquidity pool on Uniswap in pair with ~$1M of Ether.

A screenshot of 478K AMPL being deposited into Uniswap V2, worth ~$1M at the time of publishing. Because of having almost all of his holdings in uniswap, he doesn't;t show up anywhere near top100 on the richlist. 

#2 Whale 

Rich List: 9th 
Wallet Address: link
AMPL Holdings: 902K/ $1,704,000 USD
Total AMPL Supply: 2.2082% 

Other notable DeFi Holdings: 

- 1.7M $USDT: ~ $940K USD - Moved to wallet in late June from Bitfinex and KuCoin. Has sent around 200,000 USDT out since moving the coins into his wallet.

Whale #2 is pretty much just interested in AMPL whilst keeping some holding in the stablecoin $USDT.

#3 Whale 

Rich List: 18th 
Wallet Address: link
AMPL Holdings: 229K/ $435K USD
Total AMPL Supply: 0.5608%

Other notable DeFi Holdings: 

- 47.9 $ETH: ~$11K USD - Ethereum was moved into the wallet early June 2020.
- 92K $USDC: ~$92K USD - The majority of this USDC came in from the DeFi platform Curve.fi in late June 2020 

Whale #3 is also farming yield at curve finance.

#4 Whale 

Rich List: 19th 
Wallet Address: link
AMPL Holdings: 186K/ $354K USD
Total AMPL Supply: 0.4570%

Other notable DeFi Holdings: 

- 6.3 Million $RSR ~$47K USD - Reserve Rights, sent to the wallet in early July that was picked up on the Uniswap platform.

Whale #4 is clearly interested in Reserve Rights - another interesting DeFi stable asset with a PayPal Co-Founder as one of the investors - Peter Thiel.

#5 Whale 

Rich List: 25th 
Wallet Address: link
AMPL Holdings: 114K/ $218K USD
Total AMPL Supply: 0.2580%

Other notable DeFi Holdings: 

- 614K $cETH: ~$2.9M USD - Compound Ether - Has been buying since December 2019 and has added to his stash as recently as June 2020. 
- 913K $aKNC: ~$1.6M USD - Aave Interest bearing KNC - Buying since March 2020 and holding ever since.
- 2.1M $cREP: ~$844K USD - Compound Augur - Started buying in Feb 2020 and added to his stash as recently as June 2020.
- 1.4M $cLEND: ~$263K USD - Aave Interest bearing LEND - Started staking in March 2020.
- 24M $cZRX: ~$204K USD - Compound 0x - Coins entered the wallet in December 2019 and he added to his stash as recent as June 2020.
- 339 $aMKR: ~$156K USD - Aave Interest bearing MKR - Started staking March 2020
- 18.5K $UMA: ~$44K USD - UMA Voting Token - Bought in June 2020
- 46 $COMP: ~$8.9K USD - Received when Compound Finance distributed the token
- 0.25 ETH

Whale #5 has a ton of other holdings spread across Compound and Aave. The majority of these holdings are all DeFi related tokens. 

#6 Whale 

Rich List: 32nd
Wallet Address: link
AMPL Holdings: 75.7K/ $144,000 USD
Total AMPL Supply: 0.1701%

Other notable DeFi Holdings: 

- 325K $LINK: ~$1.5M USD - Has been involved in Chainlink as early as October 2017 and has significantly been increasing his holdings in Q4 of 2019 and 2020 altogether. Mainly trades link on Binance

Whale #6 is clearly a Chainlink whale as well and has been holding it for almost 3-years now.

#7 Whale 

Rich List: 33rd 
Wallet Address: link
AMPL Holdings: 74K/ $142,850
Total AMPL Supply: 0.1678%

Other notable DeFi Holdings: 

- 64K $DAI: ~$64K USD - Has been buying DAI/minting DAI as early as April 2020. Most DAI is sent through Uniswap V2.

Whale #7 may have taken out a large DAI stablecoin loan from MakerDAO DeFi platform and could be planning to use it for some added holdings.

#8 Whale 

Rich List: 36th 
Wallet Address: link
AMPL Holdings: 65.6K/ $123,000
Total AMPL Supply: 0.1474%

Other notable DeFi Holdings: 

- 3.1K $BAL: ~$33,000 USD - Bought/Received in late June from Balancer and has held since.
- 1M $REQ: ~$28,700 USD - Initially started to buy in June 2019 and increased holdings in June 2020.
- 14.6K $ANT: ~$20,000 USD - Bought as early as March 2019 and recently increased holdings in June 2020.
- 28.6K $REN: ~$5,000 USD - Purchased this month from Binance
- 5 $WETH: ~$1,180 USD - Started buying in May 2020.

Whale #8 could be a liquidity provider for the Balancer exchange as he holds significant holdings. Whale #7 is clearly interested in DeFi as he holds WETH.

#9 Whale 

Rich List: 38th 
Wallet Address: link
AMPL Holdings: 54K/ $102,000
Total AMPL Supply: 0.1219%

Other notable DeFi Holdings: 

- 113 $ETH: ~$27,000 USD - Recently moved to wallet in June 2020

Whale #9 is just concerned with AMPL whilst holding a respectable stash of ETH.

#10 Whale 

Rich List: 43rd
Wallet Address: link
AMPL Holdings: 67K/ $176,000
Total AMPL Supply: 0.1252%

Other notable DeFi Holdings: 

- 657K $SNX: ~$1.9M USD - Has been buying since May 2020.
- 140K $sUSD: ~$140K USD - Purchased June 2020. 
- 62.5K $BAX: ~$5.7K USD - First purchased as early as March 2018 and added to holdings in Feb 2020.
- 17.5 $WETH: ~$4K USD - First wrapped April 2019.
- 11.66 $ETH: ~$2.5K

Whale #10 is clearly a strong DeFi aficionado as he holds over $1million in the Synthethix network token which allows users to mint synthetic assets such as sETH. 

#11 Whale 

Rich List: 44th
Wallet Address: link
AMPL Holdings: 55.5K/ $105,000
Total AMPL Supply: 0.1036%

Other notable DeFi Holdings: 

- 350K $UMA: ~$788K USD - Bought in January 2020.

Whale #11 is clearly interested in DeFi synthetic assets as he holds a substantial amount of UMA


Aside from pretty obvious DeFi holdings such as ETH, WETH, or DAI I’m very impressed with the Synthetix ‘c’ and ‘s’ tokens these whales hold. A clear sign they are into the liquidity provider game. What surprised me most are the amounts of the UMA tokens, a project that is yet to make headlines in this space.

The second most interesting thing about these whales is that the majority of them also bought (or increased their holdings) of AMPL during the recent Geyser upgrade. 

Let me know if I should do a series on this matter on other projects rich lists?


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