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By D3F1 | DeFi Box | 13 Aug 2020

1. Bamboo Relay



  • A 0x ‘relayer’ that facilitates decentralized trading through the 0x protocol.
  • Totally non-custodial to allow trades to occur directly from the wallet.
  • No sign-ups or KYC required.
  • Can easily lend cryptocurrency to earn interest on the platform.
  • Can also borrow cryptocurrency on the platform by fronting collateral.
  • The lending portion of the platform is powered through bZx.
  • Taker fee 0.2% - Maker fee - 0.1%.


2. Dca.land




  • Dca.Land is a Dollar Cost Averaging tool for cryptocurrency.
  • It allows users to automatically convert DAI into cryptocurrencies such as ETH and wBTC at regular intervals.
  • This helps to bring down the Dollar Cost Average for the cryptocurrency investment without the need for the user to manually purchase the cryptocurrency.
  • Choose to buy cryptocurrency once per hour, day, week or month.
  • A smart contract gathers the user preferences and transfers DAI from the wallet to Uniswap for the exchange. The smart contract then sends the ETH back to the user’s wallet.
  • A network of relayers is incentivized to execute the smart contract to receive a 0.2% fee and a portion of the GAS costs.
  • WARNING: Unaudited smart contact

3. DDex



  • DDEX is a decentralized borrowing, lending, and trading platform.
  • Users can easily trade on the platform in a decentralized manner.
  • At the same time, users can lend cryptocurrency to earn interest or borrow cryptocurrency in the form of a loan.
  • The platform offers margin trading with leverage of up to 5x.
  • Smart contract has been professionally audited by a third party service.
  • Can currently trade between ETH, USDC, and DAi. As well as between WBTC-USDT.

4. DeBank



  • DeBank is a complete DeFi wallet that allows users to track DeFi portfolios, explore DeFi projects, and compare the best interest rates.
  • The platform will track your current portfolio according to what is contained in your MetaMask wallet.
  • It also has an “Interest Rate” section to compare the best lending rates across Compound, Aave, Maker, dyDx, and DDEX.
  • The “DeFi List” section allows users to explore all up and coming DeFi projects that have still yet to shine.
  • They also have a sophisticated “rankings” section to track the best Defi projects out there.
  • Soon to integrate Token Swap service for a complete DeFi solution for trading, lending, and borrowing.

5. DeFi Saver



  • An all-in-one interface to manage decentralized finance positions.
  • Very clean and easy-to-use interface to display all lending and borrowing positions in one location.
  • Manage all MakerDAO Collateralized Debt Positions here. Create a loan directly on this platform from MakerDAO.
  • Control all Compound borrowing and lending positions here. Remove, add, or boost collateral.
  • Control all Aave borrowing and lending positions here.
  • Start a smart savings wallet to automatically choose the best savings rate for DAI.
  • Token Exchange to come soon.

6. Zapper (prev. DeFiSnap)



  • Manage all DeFi assets in one location.
  • An extremely clean interface in day/night modes.
  • See portfolio in terms of value in wallets, Liquidity Pools, or Yield farming.
  • Easily add to liquidity pools straight from the interface.
  • Easily stake ERC-20 tokens to be added to liquidity pools.
  • Remove tokens from liquidity pools or yield farming.

7. dForce Network



  • dForce connects DeFi protocols together in one location
  • It is interoperable so DeFi protocols can be layered on top of each other to unlock value propositions.
  • Full-stack DeFi suite to include stablecoin protocols, liquidity protocols, lending protocols, and derivative protocols.
  • Trade token through dForce Trade platform through on-chain liquidity between ERC-20 tokens.
  • Borrow cryptocurrency through dForce Open Lending Protocol.
  • Easily choose the best liquidity pool to stake tokens on.

8. Dharma



  • Dharma is a mobile application that allows users to invest into DeFi protocols directly from their smartphones.
  • Easily trade cryptocurrencies within the application.
  • Access to Uniswap without the need for Metamask
  • Zero Fees on transfers in the application
  • Easily send funds to other users on the application
  • Earn interest by staking though the application

9. Frontier Wallet



  • Mobile wallet to store ERC-20 tokens and DeFi tokens.
  • Easily manage and track multiple assets on different protocols which include;
    • Maker
    • Compound
    • Uniswap
    • DyDx
    • bZx
    • Synthetix
    • Set
    • Kava
    • Band Protocol
  • Smart DeFi notifications regarding liquidation and price alerts
  • Easily create CDP’s on the application to take out loans.
  • Stake cryptocurrency to earn interest.
  • Easily swap tokens directly in the application

10. InstaDApp



  • An easy-to-use interface with an underlying smart wallet layer to visualize a user’s positions across different DeFi platforms.
  • It is a one-stop DeFi asset management platform for users and developers.
  • It provides developers with a single point of integration to access DeFi protocols in order to start building.
  • Aims to cater to all levels of coding and even has created the start of the low-Code/No-Code Movement for DeFi with their DSA platform.
  • Totally non-custodial as it uses DeFi smart accounts to manage and optimize funds across protocols.
  • Includes a one-click switching feature to swap from one borrowing platform to another with lower interest rates.
  • Integrations with Compound, MakeDAO, Uniswap, Compound, Kyber, Aave, 1inch, DyDx, and Curve.

11. yearn.Finance



  • Manage multiple DeFi projects at the same time on one platform
  • It is described as a yield aggregator for lending platforms that rebalances for highest yields.
  • Easily earn through staking stablecoins such as DAI, USDC, USDt, and SUSD.
  • It comes with different platforms that form the entire yearn.finance ecosystem;
    • Yearn.finance - profit switching lender to optimize lending yields
      • Supports; 
        • DAI
        • USDC
        • USDT
        • TUSD
        • sUSD
      • Aggregates From;
        • Compound
        • dYdX
        • Aave
    • Yswap.excahge - single-sided automated market maker
    • YTrade.finance - leverfaged stable coin trades (testnet)
    • Iborrow.finance - credit delegation vaults

12. Melon Protocol



  • Designed for decentralized on-chain asset management.
  • Allows entities to manage their wealth AND the wealth of others.
  • It allows anybody to create and invest into customized on-chain investment vehicles.
  • It aims to decentralize the traditional asset management away from financial advisors

13. Totle



  • A DEX and Synthetic Asset aggregation tool. 
  • Swaps are split and routed through the sources that offer the best prices on the market.
  • Receive a better price for tokens when swapping on Totle instead of using a single DEX such as Uniswap.
  • Has over 5600 different asset pairs.
  • Very easy-to-use interface.
  • Non-custodial.
  • Easily integrate the widget into websites.

14. Unspent



  • A tool to track investments across a variety of different exchanges and wallets.
  • Sign up and connect wallets and exchanges to see a total overview of your entire portfolio in one place.
  • Easily see entire DeFi investment across platforms such as Uniswap on one interface.
  • Show realized profits and average buy-in price for the cryptocurrency.

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